The Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married: Can I Marry a Non-Capturable Target Even if I Become the Strongest, Despite Being a Weak Villain at the Beginning, and Even Surpass the Ultimate Harem Protagonist?


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The protagonist, who thought he was dead, finds himself reincarnated as a minor villain in the early stages of a Japanese-style fantasy erot*c game, a situation that feels overused in web novels. He is on a path to ruin, so he tries his best to avoid it and secure a stable and peaceful future. However, he falls in love at first sight with a princess who appears in the original game. This princess is a non-target character who even the protagonist of a famous harem game, known for its extreme level, couldn’t win over. The hurdle for the minor villain to marry is too high. But there’s nothing he can do about falling in love. He decides to become a better man than the super harem protagonist and win her over. This is a story about a man who reincarnated as a minor villain, who is poor but resourceful, uses whatever he can, knocks out anyone who gets in the way of his love, like the harem protagonist with cheat abilities or the mastermind of the story, and aims to marry the one he fell in love with. Before he knows it, he becomes the most respected ruler in the country

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The Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married
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