The Undying Drama


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After experiencing a disaster, a teenager transmigrated into a different world; one where you only need enough of a ‘God’s prayer points’ to fulfill any wish. Among the multitude of hopes and dreams the world, this normal and honest teenager has only one wish: I don’t want to die.

As he experiences the ups and downs, lefts and rights of life in this world, watch as this simple wish is slowly warped.

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styricum rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: --
Below avarage. The plot got me interested at first with the wishes and such but soon I realized the so called wish actually mana you can replace every word "wish" with "mana" and absolutely nothing changes. MC is classical walking mana pool transported from earth. Dialogs created like a dull theatre sketchs or worse (like teenage girls whatsapp group, you cant tell whos who or who said what after couple sentences even with the short such chapters) without much introduction of characters or environment. So basically its has nonexistent worldbuilding,... more>> forced dialogs, absurd ability devolopment, idiot (not the funny one) MC. Cant even get close to your avarage jpn novels with same tags. <<less
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Asf rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: c29
An ordinary boy transfered into a world that grants wishes by spending wishpoints after a near death experience.

He then use his points to make himself a pseudo immortal and began the journey as an undying man in this new world where everyone can make wishes if they have the points.

A story about this boy's adventures, his abundant amount of wish points, and how that will effect everyone's around him and the drama that follows.

The MC isnt hot blooded or as OP as you think tho. He fits the word "ordinary"... more>> pretty well..

It isnt bad.. But it needs more chapters before the main plot starts. But it have potential. <<less
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Zeyro2Zeyumi rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c80
I gave it chance but I honesty can't enjoy it because of MC. I honestly feel you could replace him with anyone and it'd be fine as its not him that matters its the existence of what he has that matters.

... more>>

So we have wish points that basically give you the ability to gain an ability based on what you want plus how many points you have. Our protag has infinite at the start and his first wish is to be basically unkillable. Which while smart sucks ass because you now know nothing will kill him unless it breaks the rules of the world that we've already set as while he can't fight he does have super strength from the same wish and it turned him into a gaint which thankfully he can wish himself back to normal. (Which personally is stupid as **** in the first place but whatever he's OP and broken now) add this to his mostly useless spider sense as to be honest it working on bandits is stupid they aren't a threat to him which is whole another issue if you ask me but the point is this takes the danger out because lets be honest here. There aren't really any stakes besides him telling people about his wish points.


So his first companion he meets is mostly just a reason to exposition dump because in all honestly she's awful as character herself and putting to together is like watching every Isekai novel I've read on steroids and aids combined.


Poppy's real name should be Poopy because that sums up everything about her. We are with for 5-6 chapters before she goes I have to leave you MC whose name I can't remember it because it matters none at all. Here's the worst part of all this sh*t 5 days of sh*tty flirting at best and really crappy exposition dump and he loves her. I can't really take it seriously because we have no developments in the story in these chapters as he hasn't even really left her house yet. They haven't really had reason to be this close to each other than love at first...I mean love at female/male in a long time. It's sh*tty at best and we know nothing about either of than this from the MC

My parents were lost to me. Even if I went back, there would be nothing there for me.

My other relatives? We only meet up once a year and that's it.

Friends? They only stuck around me because of my grades.

As for my goals? Other than reading books and taking tests, what else was I good for?

This part speaks to me because after 80+chapters I'm still asking what is his goal? I can't really see it or find it anywhereother he stayed in the world for the love of a woman who he doesn't know.


We finally get something useful at Chapter 10 and we could have completely skipped the first 10 started here and it may have been a much better story.


Now here I hate this part the most so he ends up in location where he ends up joining an exploration team which he somehow talks himself into it being safe even though that makes no sense as we all know exploring the unknown is the fastest way to get yourself killed but not like he can die anyway. But this is what kills a most of this nonsense for me. So he used wish points at some point to talk but didn't learn to read at a basic level because if he was highly literate he'd be found out. Now this is stupid as he could just wish to be literate enough for the common person on this world but no, thats to much like a book smart person. Honestly the only reason it feels like he didn't learn to read was so the writer could force dependence on other characters for him to justify them pushing him into whatever they want. And in all honesty it feels that way as later on he constantly says he should wish to be able to read later only to never do it. Till it doesn't matter anymore. My god is that stupid as **** considering it doesn't take long at all or a damn ritual to use the ****ing wish points in the first place. It's just stupid at best and a major oversight at worse. So he joins the exploration military force. We do meet the most interesting males in the show and they actually help the story even with the protag being the only swore point for the next 30 to 40 chapters. I can't really be bothered to go in much more detail as this is the only part I would recommend reading as it doesn't su** as much as everything else.


I'll be honest I want to like but I can't its boring at best and awful at worst. The best part is the side characters and those are only the ones that appear during 10-40. Everyone else kinda drags down the story and just shows why no one should like the protag but everyone seems to even though nothing about him is interesting other than he's to stupid for words most of the time. The other part he's just letting others push him along the story. Maybe it could change but all the "BIG" moments are more like some random sh*t happens because normal events don't work here as the MC is op and the fact of the matter is when your protag is op the he has to drive the story otherwise theirs no point to it because otherwise he's just a dumb beater that could be replaced by anyone. Honestly he feels like the worse version of most Japanese normal protags that make you stop reading 15 chapters in because you realize he's never going anywhere unless someone else takes him there. Just to point this I can't even remember his name after 80 chapters that should tell how interesting he is as person.

However if you can deal with all that I will tell you it's a good time waster so that's something. <<less
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mikaelhg rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c11
A very frustrating story. The writer had a somewhat novel idea, but is completely unable to write passable characters or dialogue. Even with xianxia standards being low. It reads as if the writer was a young child with no real experience with how people interact, or what kinds of motivations drive humans, beyond basic teenage TV-sarcasm.
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Kazz rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: c25
I am probably going to drop as the MC is too stupid/author won't let MC utilize obvious methods to help himself.

I consider myself as someone who can get by with most novels if I find the premise interesting. The one caveat has always been the MC. There are numerous cases where the MC could have helped himself to some degree with his abilities or built upon his abilities to make him op. The author was faced with the OP = boring problem so he has tried to artificially put a... more>> slow down on the MC's rise to power. The setting and world building is pretty good with the the origin of his unusually large wish pool explained satisfactorily as well (it doesn't go into much detail, but personally I see no issue as it is simply flavor text with how its presented...). The humor may be a bit forced for those who expect higher quality (other reviewers may have said this), but it provides some levity for myself.


Prime example of this would be how the MC refuses to make a wish that would allow him to learn to read or write. The justification is that it would break his cover, but a normal person would then think to moderate it, no? I would simply wish, " I wish that my ability to read and write was equal to the average commoner of this world." He has already spent 1 million of his 7 billion just on endurance/strength..... so I think he can manage.



Another instance, the MC gets alerted of danger on a bridge, but he can't seem to understand the extent of the danger, this is fine. He however doesn't expand on this ability.... Why would you max out strength when you should max out you sensory abilities to detect danger???

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paradigmfriday rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c42
The story is.... nice. The plot is interesting. The world is interesting. The side characters are fairly decent. In short its the kind of story one can get to love. Which is why I gave it four stars.

The only failing is the MC... who is wonderfully op (which I like)... but also dumber than a doorstop. Yes he's a "normal person" but the thing is normal doesn't equate to stupid. If someone were dying of thirst, and happened to have infinite money on hand and a soda machine right in... more>> front of them, the reasonable person would expect them to spend a little of that money to buy themselves a soda.

The MC in this story has gotten into tight situations where his inability to read has been a problem and still doesn't know how to read... even though he could just wish he could know how to read.... and has near infinite wishes. And that's just the one that bugs me personally, the most. There are loads of other things he could have been doing with some of those wishes while he was at it.

So I kind of feel like the only reason the author stopped him was so we could feel endangered and it kind of gets frustrating so...

This is a good story but expect to feel a bit frustrated with its MC a couple of times. <<less
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