The Taoist Sister of a Cannon Fodder


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The sister who was bound by the system to transmigrate into books and whose character was always the younger sister of cannon fodder.
She was panicky on the outside, but very stable on the inside.
Although there is something wrong with my brother, but it is not a big problem

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03/29/21 TeaTranslations v1c1
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Apr 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Novel is extremely rushed, continually making you bored due to no stakes or either annoyed due to MC not doing anything in the world.

The writing is exceptionally empty, even among Quick transmigration novels.

It’s a solid -10/10.

... more>> Author has no clue of how to write.

Do they want the female MC to be OP and smart?

She still lets tons of bad incidents happen and is easily blackmailed of money by porcelain touching old woman.

Maybe the author wants to use the short story format to write an interesting story?

Nope, all arcs are rushed with no resolution. They start and end abruptly. It’s more cardboard than the actual stuff being parodied here!

So maybe the author wants to highlight Mc’s unique skills?

Nope, everything is glossed over and the MC is just an arrogant woman?

She gets a few moments to sexually harass some men but that’s about it.

Maybe author just wants to write some cool story?

Here it fits the most: in arc 1 MC at least gets to

Scare her brother, face slap the former ML twice, make Gundam?, stitch up her brother, and scare some gangsters.


Elsewhere MC gets to show off some force.

But it still rings hollow since author keeps shifting perspective off of MC.

We can’t care about any supporting or background character with how short and empty everything is.

Not advised to read this novel at all. <<less
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May 05, 2021
Status: c50
No CP, no family or brotherly affection, just some empathy or some sympathy with the original body and family. Just trying to get a good score after the mission to continue her interesting life in many world. After the brother or family life changed, she finished the mission and change the world again with no reluctant or sad. She gloss it over with black tech of the system to lock her feelings in the book so she will always have a younger soul and light feelings to start another world.

The... more>> story is rushed and many with no explanation about the proses. Just the author gloss it over and over that she use her many experience in the world before to change the life of her brother and family.

Until ch50 or the 3 world, it's more like she scare the brother, change her brother mind with devil like action, make some money with her experience (like making AI, song, dll), some face slap, change the life of the brother and family, end the world.

MC didn't want to be an enemy of male and female protagonist of the world, if they likeable, MC will cooperate with them. If they unlikeable, MC will grab some of their project just to give them some lesson.

If you want some interesting QT, I don't recommend this. It's a little boring for me. <<less
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