The Strongest Streamer of the Four-Sword Style ~ After Immersing Into a VR Game and Its Settings Manifesting in the Real World, I Attempted to Conquer a Beginner’s Dungeon


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The setting of the VR game “Forum World Online” (FWO) is synchronized with reality, and dungeons have appeared all over the world. It was discovered that valuable ores and resources can be obtained from these dungeons. As a result, many advanced countries dispatched special forces to conquer the dungeons. However, even for the military powers, clearing these dungeons was not an easy task.

Amidst this situation, Shizukuishi Hayate, who played FWO with the unique combat style of “Four-Sword Style,” easily cleared a beginner dungeon that had appeared near his home. Unbeknownst to him, this scene was being broadcasted worldwide.

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四刀流の最強配信者 ~やり込んだVRゲームの設定が現実世界に反映された。とりあえず初心者用ダンジョンを踏破してみたけど、米国特殊部隊が途中リタイアする難易度だったらしい~
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billysteph rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: c17
So here's the thing, I like the concept and everything, good translation also BUT the plot is just shitty. Let's break down what made it bad.

1st. The goddess randomly took the heroine as a prize because of popularity which is B.S! Let's say that there is a lot of female beautiful streamers and players but the goddess specifically just chose the heroine. The reason is unknown.

2nd. The author made the goddess a villainess and I think it's okay BUT for what reason does the goddess took away the heroine as... more>> a prize? Did she not think that when she does that, her credibility goes down as anytime she can just kidnap anyone and make it a prize. I hate revenge plots, kidnapping plots (as the main task to save). The author is milking the reader's negative emotion. Up to the point that the MC first cleared the dungeon it was good only at that part.

Last. The dungeon clearing has been fast that it skips after the beginner dungeon. I thought it was clearing the 2nd dungeon that the MC can rescue the heroine but the author change it. Does he have a memory problem?it became the 4th dungeon suddenly just to extend the freakin plot. It's confusing. <<less
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aborednerd rated it
September 20, 2023
Status: v2c45
So this story started off good, and rapidly went to shit. Mainly in volume 2. The translation quality also seemed to drop off around the same time and may have contributed to my feelings.

The MC goes from just being a OP 4-sword style dungeon conquering hero to suddenly being a master ninja with a mental age over 200. He effortlessly defeats the US Pentagon with Japanese ninjas that coincidentally can shut down all the world's nuclear stockpile. Massive faceslapping just ensues on the president of the US. Oh also he... more>> can use genjutsu moves to torture people with zero compunction.

I really don't understand what happened in the second half of this novel and I am saddened as I was initially enjoying it very much. <<less
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