The Strongest Old Man in the Parallel World ~ I Only Got Physical Skills So I Had to Form a Party but It Turned into a Harem~


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A man in his forties named Okuno Soushi suffered a sudden heart attack, collapsed, and got transferred into a new world.

There, Soushi quickly realized that his only option to earn a living was to become an adventurer, and that’s exactly what he did.

As an adventurer, it turned out that he had been blessed with greater talent and luck than most and gradually grew stronger, however, all the abilities he obtained were physical skills.

Which is why he decided to form a party to secure his survival, but for some reason, he ended up gathering a bunch of girls, and well, you know the rest…

[About This Novel]

This is a first-person POV novel about a middle-aged man operating as an adventurer in a game-like fantasy world. Despite the transmigration, he doesn’t rejuvenate immediately, but there’s a chance he might get a bit younger eventually.

The story unfolds at a relaxed pace, with battles typically ending in an instant. The protagonist is slated to become the strongest eventually and is a physically specialized, good-natured person.

The introduction of female characters happens somewhat later. While there is a harem element, it’s likely not to be explicitly explored (at least, probably not).

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おっさん異世界で最強になる ~物理特化型なのでパーティを組んだらなぜかハーレムに~
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MorselaGracia rated it
March 7, 2024
Status: c14-part.17
A very enjoyable read. Honestly the novel title doesn't bring it much justice. I read the raws expecting it to just be a weird harem isekai BUT ITS NOT THAT AT ALL. Its all just action+adventure.

There's girls who slowly get interested to our MC, but theres literally no romance at all. Heck! not even any le*d scenes. So the harem in the title can just be non-existent and ecchi-romance-harem tags on the story are false tags.

The story is all just about an old-man who is suddenly thrown into a fantasy... more>> world and became suspected to be an "awakened" person by the residents. And in this world, "awakening" happens to only the minorities and often from people around mid teens to mid twenties. And these awakened people are obligated to become adventurers and beat monsters. Left with no choice, his only way to earn livelihood is to go dungeon diving.

And dungeon diving it is... with cheat of course.

The story takes on a very light hearted tone and the pacing makes for a very relaxing action+level grinding story. Huge plot points tend to be foreshadowed nicely so theres really not much to think about other than the power dynamics and cultures in each country in the story.

P.S. Each chapter is composed of 10-20+ parts. So the raws is actually around 150+ chapters with decent 1000-2000+ words each. <<less
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