The Stronger Their Opposition, the More I Know I Made the Right Choice


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“The more the Church supports me, the more it proves I am right. The more the heretics oppose me, the more it proves I am right.”

“Even if the heretics praise me, it only confirms my correctness. If the heretics remain silent, it means I am flawless!”

“If the Church opposes me, it means they have all succumbed to wicked heresy. The more the heretics oppose me, the more it proves I am right.”

In the year 681, Pope Arlen, the youngest pontiff in the history of the Church, was crowned as the Holy Father. He gave a speech, outlining the crucial steps for the upcoming de-deification project, and stressed,”Now that both the Church and the heretics oppose me, it clearly shows that I am on the most righteous path!”

In the year 685, the former saintess of the demon race, Sylvia, made a remark that shocked the world. “It’s not that the evil gods can’t be summoned, but he is more cost-effective to take the stage.”

As soon as her statement was published, it drew attention from all walks of life — the epic documentary “The Legend of Pope Arlen” continues to broadcast for your viewing pleasure.

This is a story of a top evil path player speedrunning through a fantasy world.

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