The Story Of Two People And A Cat


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Something is bothering Sora about Masaya, the person who brought him home.

From time to time, Masaya’s eyes lose their life, and his lonely gaze seems to shift to something far off into the distance.

One day, Masaya brings home a boy named Riku who is two years his junior. When Masaya is with Riku, he seems happier, and he stops staring off into the distance. And yet, Riku separates himself from Masaya and goes away…

The story of how a cat brings two people together. The story of a first love.

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panopticon rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: c8
no one else has left a review here yet, so i'll do it.

it's a very short and sweet read. It got a little bit angsty towards the end but overall it's a warm-hearted story about a kitty who loves his human, and his human's human.

if you're looking for something short, or you need a little fluff after reading something sad, please give this a shot! The feelings this little kitty has for his owner will surely make you feel happy and warm. _ (:3
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