The Stand-In Abducted the Protagonist’s Inner Demon


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Jiang Churong had transmigrated into a book as a s*upid and poisonous cannon fodder who looked eerily similar to the protagonist, Gu Mingxiao. 

Gu Mingxiao was born with an innate talent for swordsmanship, and looked cold and transcendent, as unattainable as the silver moon in the sky. The cannon fodder had little talent and a despicable temperament. All he could do was rely on his similarity to Gu Mingxiao, beg for mercy amongst Gu Mingxiao’s suitors, and eventually become jealous of Gu Mingxiao to the point of almost going crazy.

When Jiang Churong transmigrated, the original owner had just slandered Gu Mingxiao and was sent to the Forbidden Forest by the sect leader. There, he was deceived by the future main villain and turned into a blood sacrifice. At that moment Jiang Churong, who had accidentally released the first seal, freeing the villain, took his last breath after having his blood drained to break the remaining barriers.

Jiang Churong didn’t panic. Instead, he bit the tip of his tongue, spat out blood, kissed the villain’s lips, and smiled. “I know you lied to me, but I fell in love with you from the moment I first saw you. As long as I’m alive, I will not let you die.”

In the twisted and complicated gaze of the villain, Jiang Churong, who had formed a life-and-death contract with him, pushed him and said, “Let’s go.”


As Jiang Churong expected, the villain kidnapped him that night. 

The villain was still just a young man with a sinister and indifferent expression. He grasped Jiang Churong’s slender neck and said, “I know you’re just playing hard to get, but for the sake of our life-and-death contract, you better behave.”

In his heart, Jiang Churong was laughing, but on the outside he said in a joyful tone, “Of course, of course, I’ll listen to you.”

Later, Jiang Churong and the main villain went through life and death situations together, and became an odd pair that terrified everyone in the cultivation world. The two of them turned the world of cultivation on its head.

During this time, Gu Mingxiao became known as the Venerable Mingxiao.

One day, Jiang Churong and the main villain were accidentally besieged by the forces of decency. Gu Mingxiao descended from the sky, dressed in white, and pressed the tip of his sword to Jiang Churong’s collarbone. 

There was blood on Jiang Churong’s lips as he raised his head and smiled lightly. “Eldest senior brother, I hope you’ve been well.”

Gu Mingxiao said expressionlessly, “Wen Ling is dead.”

Jiang Churong raised his eyebrows. “Is it alright for the Venerable Mingxiao to lie?”

Under the watchful eye of the cultivation world, Gu Mingxiao took Jiang Churong away.


Jiang Churong was imprisoned in an underground palace. He was very calm, spending his days thinking about nothing but escape. He refused to believe that Wen Ling would die like that.

That night, Gu Mingxiao came to visit and their eyes met. Jiang Churong looked away lightly, not in the mood to quarrel with Gu Mingxiao again. But in the next second, Gu Mingxiao suddenly grabbed his chin and kissed him hard!

At first Jiang Churong was shocked, but then his shock turned to surprise as he felt a familiar aura. He thought ecstatically, ‘Husband, you’re amazing!’

But why hadn’t he known that Wen Ling liked to cosplay?


Wen Ling was the inner demon that Gu Mingxiao had separated from himself using forbidden methods when he was young, in order to obtain the Dao. He was the dark side of Gu Mingxiao’s heart.

Jiang Churong was the bastard that Gu Mingxiao despised most in the world. He used his face, which was so similar to Gu Mingxiao’s own, to do lowly and despicable things.

Gu Mingxiao never expected that person and his inner demon would come together. 

But when he saw Jiang Churong smiling and confessing to the demon he had abandoned through the eyes of that very demon, he couldn’t help but be moved…

Everyone loved the bright and graceful Venerable Mingxiao, but no one knew that there was a dark hole in Gu Mingxiao’s heart that no light could penetrate.

Later, Gu Mingxiao found Jiang Churong and thought, ‘If he could love my inner demon, couldn’t he also love me?’

Scheming Beauty Shou × White On The Outside But Black On The Inside, Strategic Gong

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Kirami rated it
November 17, 2023
Status: c1
Giving this a 5 star so people would give it a try.

my actually rating would be a 4

Haven’t read the extras so I don’t know the full story.

... more>> The story is a light read, there is a plot and everything flows. If you find some of MC’s buff abit to Gary Stue. Don’t worry It will get explained.

I adore the relationship between the MC and ML. They both have respect for one another. ML is not crazy possessive and does not restrict MC from doing what he wants. While MC trusts ML and supports him.

MC stays Consistent throughout the story and never becomes a damsel in distress. (Love it, it’s so hard to find a MC who can do things on his own.)

I recommend trying it out. The pacing in the beginning was great. However, I did feel like the pacing towards the end went a little too fast for my taste. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
talkingtothestars rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: Completed
4 stars with mixed feelings.

The premise of the story is unique and I liked the main couple and their relationship development. I liked how their relationship started off as a lie but they just couldn't help being attracted to each other and eventually becoming a couple. Other than that, I also liked the variety in the side characters, ranging from scheming god-nephew to nutjob demon lord to third wheeler forgotten friend (poor thing).

However, the novel isn't without flaws. Firstly, it was rather unnerving to have an MC with so... more>> much plot armour. MC is just too lucky, because problems get resolved almost instantly, most of the time without him putting in much effort. Additionally, the novel felt very rushed. The author barely spent much time on the world building and description of the world's power system. By the end of the novel, there were still many loose ends and questions that were left unanswered.

Overall, still a decent read, if you can ignore the flaws. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PicturesqueSeeker rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: --
It’s a light hearted read that doesn’t require much brains and complicated story telling so very easy to digest. Jiang Churong does feel a little overpowered but it’s not suffocating or irritating. This is more of a feel good type of novel and the original leads in the novel, specifically Su Zichuan at least, isn’t a bad person.

although I do wonder how tf Wen Ling knows so many powerful people even tho he should have been locked away by Gu Mingxiao
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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