I Became the Older Brother of the Heroine in an Abusive Novel


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Duke of Yongning’s heir, Jun Huailang was reborn and found that he was a cannon fodder N in a xiaoma literature*.

The male protagonist, Xue Yan, who was originally an unfavored prince, was ostracized and persecuted since he was a child. After the blackening, he formed a private party to support his younger brother to the throne and became a sovereign regent.

He also slaughtered the young Empress Dowager’s whole family, forcing the Empress Dowager to stay with him. The Empress Dowager fell in love with him and was willing to be his plaything.

The whole book was full of an indescribable scene between the two of them. It made Jun Huailang tremble in anger.

Because this Empress Dowager was not someone else, but his own biological younger sister. It was not someone else’s family that was slaughtered, but his family.

After rebirth, facing a younger sister who was only six years old, Jun Huailang, the gentleman of Qianqian, made up his mind for the first time.

He’s going to kill that beast for his sister.

Xiaoma literature: A novel in which the male protagonist ’s father married a young and beautiful young mother (stepmother).

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Ta trở thành anh trai của nữ chính ngược văn
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xjgg rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: Completed
aaaaa cuteee. The MC is really kindhearted. He originally didn't want to help ML but changed his mind once he realized how pitiful ML was.

... more>>

ML got adopted by mc's aunt. He became extremely close with MC because MC tried hard to integrate him into his family for survival reasons and later because ML was just so pitifully alone. In the previous life, mc's family was wiped out one by one by the fourth prince's maternal family's schemes. And MC most likely was beheaded under ml's order because he was quite liked and trusted by the previous emperor (ml's father). It was just the routine cleaning up the previous emperor's subjects but MC got beheaded since ML didn't know him at all in his previous life. Mc's sister was spared simply because she gave handwarmer to ML once. MC slowly fell in love with ML because ML was so good to him once he tasted mc's kindness. ML also learned to do good deeds because he wanted to please MC loool. I wish ml's relationship with his adoptive mother was expanded more, though. They are surprisingly amusing. She gave birth to the ninth prince. ML didn't want to inherit the throne because he didn't want to have any concubine to have heirs. ML then became regent and he and MC educated the ninth prince to be the next emperor. Ml's adoptive mother was a bit upset when she knew she gave birth to a prince since she didn't want ML who married her nephew had such an easy life from not inheriting the throne loool

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RaymondTale rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Read two stories of this author (both are getting translated), the rest of her stuff feels a bit boring to me. But this one I liked extremely. The MC and the ML are such a harmonious couple; very different but absolutely perfect for each other.

I loved how slow their romance developed but slow doesn't mean dull. There were lots of scenes that made my heart pound and that stick in my mind. The MC was so good! There was not a single decision he made that would feel wrong to... more>> me. The way he changed the ML's life was really inspirational.

The ML is extremely loveable and what I liked about him the most was that he never, never hurt the MC (unlike many yandere MLs). In this life, I mean. I woukdn't actually mind a bit more angst in connection to the previous life, it was dealt with pretty quickly. The MC's sister, though, I felt so proud for her. She has her own side-story (separate from the main novel, if I'm not mistaken) and she deserved it. <<less
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UsaYuki rated it
December 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Loved it!! So much!!!o (*////▽////*) q

Ok maybe a little exaggerated, but!!
Really an enjoyable read! UwU


Basically what was said in the summary... I mtled it, so some of the things I write may not be 100% accurate :) but the mtl is quite readable...

... more>>

Basically, the emperor believes what the Taoist priests (?) say, which is, that the ML “is the “evil star” or smth”... anyway, the Emperor is afraid of death, but he still loved MLs mother (who died “mysteriously”) so he “just” sent his son (the child/baby?) to a brother of his, somewhere where it’s quite dangerous, to raise. Anyway, ML is quite used to ppls hatred towards him, stuff happen, and he kills the emperor, makes a newborn the new emperor and he rules as the regent. And, he also kills MCs family, except his sister. So, that’s the first life

MC wakes up somewhere, finds a book, reads it, and believes that this is what happened after his death (regarding ML and his sister) so he hates ML very much. The Heibai Wuchang make some kind of mistake, and MC is reborn. He slowly meets ML, sees how actually, this bloodthirsty Tyrant, may be man made. Because of ppls hatred towards ML, he became what MC saw in his previous life. After contemplating and things happening, he decides to have a good relationship with him, so that ML won’t make his family suffer in the future. Anyway, I guess this is the gist of it.


The story is quite easygoing? Not many ups and downs, and both of them are quite prepared for what’s going to happen. There are basically no set backs. It’s probably a story about MC saving his family from what happened to them in the past life while slowly falling in love with ML ;)

Its easygoing bc, overall, everything goes well, all within MLs (and MCs) expectations :)


I wish we’d know, what happened to Dian fourteen! I feel like, either he will have a better/happier life, or there will be smth with MCs sister? Anyway it was not mentioned, but I’m not complaining ^^ No Side CPs is also good haha



Love it!! Haha!! No Side CPs so I’m soooo happy ahhhh like, none! It’s so rare that there are no side CPs, considering how “long” the story is ٩ (˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́) و

I love their dynamic too?! The MC is a cold beauty, but inside really really soft and kind! I’d agree, when some call him the “living bodhisattva” haha~ and the ML... best described as a “big wolf tamed” by MC! It’s really too cute! No matter how cruel/cold/dangerous he is, when it comes to the MC he just “wags his tail” wanting to be praised! Imagine! So cute haha and he’s also so committed! So in love! I dare say MC is his world! Tho I believe MCs love for him is the same o (≧v≦) o So cute! Anyway, I loved reading about them cuddling (and all the things they do huehue) ~

The extras were great too haha! I think the ending ending was great~

How they “returned” ? To Heaven, and ML beating up the guy, who wrote the script, that made MC misunderstand at first haha and then MC came to stop ML~ and how he said he missed him, even though they were separated for only a while~


Read it if you’re interested~ it’s a light read^^

Quite enjoyable~ o (*////▽////*) q <<less
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Natural_Sapphire rated it
January 14, 2023
Status: Completed
I just finished my second time reading this story and have to write review because it's really good.

ML was devil star came to earth every thousand years who was destined to cause/bring huge disaster and MC is the one who was sent to control that evil star. In previous life, MC got sick and missed the chance to meet ML and so both of their lives and country got ruined.

... more>>

So, celestial made a *fanfiction* of ML with MC's sister and showed it to MC to make MC care about ML, and sent him back to time before they met.

That's why MC got reborn and ML got misjudged by MC.

The story is mainly about how MC saved ML (emotionally) and ML saved MC and everyone MC care including MC's family, relatives, and people.

The thing I like about this story is MC and ML characters. MC is very kind and honest, but he's not naive like most typical MCs, he's smart. ML is cold, ruthless and unbothered, but he's not pushy and demanding to MC, he values and respects MC. And, most lovely fact, ML become better person because of MC. I love how the story mentioned ML did good things because he thought MC would do it.

Also, rarely seen mutual love is also here. MC already noticed he loved ML even before ML opened up to him.

Highly recommend. Totally a five stars worth story for me. <<less
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December 24, 2022
Status: --
I just want to say, the tittle is misleading. MC IS the brother of the heroine, he's not a transmigrator or someone else reborn in a different body. If we must keep form, the title should I AM THE OLDER BROTHER OF THE HEROINE something like that.
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whitespade rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: Completed
The MC and ML is standard, not much to say.

But you know what? I'm gonna say this. MC's family DESERVED to be plotted against. His aunt DESERVED to die. He DESERVED to be beheaded in the previous life. Because why? They are a bunch of s*upid people all up in their own a55 trying to be 'moralistic', 'kind' and 'righteous' when they are surrounded by snakes and jackals. No you don't have a Buddha heart, you just have an empty head. Their s*upidity is infuriating. The aunt can't control her... more>> own s*aves. The father can't control his own subordinates. The MC even after reincarnation can't follow obvious clues.

The ML the one that have to wipe MC's bu*t because MC is useless, his whole family is useless. At the very least the antagonists actually try to play the game while his s*upid family just get jerked around. I respect people who actually try. <<less
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ylial rated it
May 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I thought this one is another dog blood novel but NO. The love development is very good! 💕 No ML forcing MC and the MC is level headed.

Similar to other reviews, I find the ML very lovable. The ML really had a tragic life, and fortunately he met the upright MC. I want to read a fanwei or alternate universe ABO of this lolXD
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Kaylee rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: --
I'll just leave the end of mine here.

The bigger part of the story was the months in the palace where everything was happened. The second was how Jun HuaiLang tried to prevent his father being conspired and beheaded as criminal while doing the job from the emperor. The third was Xue Yan effort in pulling and capturing all the traitors with all the evidence. The ending was somewhat surprised for me, I thought this one will follow the same ending just like the other same theme novel.

The english title doesnt... more>> make sense.
I Became the Heroine of Abusive Novel and Her Elder Brother

But, the MC is the biological elder brother of the heroine, he's not a transmigrated character, but the Original soul. So, he's not BECAME, he IS her elder brother. <<less
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hastingsj rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Cute. Decent length, but doesnt overstay its welcome. I would like more of an ending or side stories to answer remaining questions about the fate of side characters.

the title is a bit misleading. the ML is ... more>>

a person of the acient chinese setting who travels back in time in an pretty creative way. He is killed unjustly (court politics) & his ghost gets lost in the afterlife due to the huge influx of dead souls. There he stumble upon a fate gods smutty fan fiction about his little sister & the military general (5th prince) causing all the deaths in the mortal world. The MC accidentally gets shunted back into the mortal plane... only it is many years in the past. Newly reborn he sets out on a quest to kill the evil general before he becomes powerful. Unfortunately, the MC is a really upright & softhearted person who ends up saving and protecting the young abandoned teenage prince instead.


The ML is

the 5th prince & general. Black hearted CEO archetype. he is the "evil star" and "bad luck" or so rumors say. In the gods book, he commited many crimes against the MCs sister who is portrayed as a tragic heroine. However, it is later discovered the gods book was only ever fan fiction! The ML never would touch the MCs little sister

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Adriana28 rated it
November 13, 2022
Status: Completed
An awesome story...

I read it months ago and fell in love with it. Its really an interesting story.i loved all the characters of the story, My fav being the ml.... oh so good he never ever hurt our MC.

MC is such a cutipie, and quite smart. And MCs sister she was also so cute.

... more>> overall an amazing read, would love to read it again and would recommend it to everyone.. Even though the translations were not complete but raws were readable. so u can give it a try..

Thanlu author for the hardwork. <<less
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Rida rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: c10
Seeing all the high ratings, I've tried reading this story a couple of times now.

However, each and every time, I can't get past the first 15 chapters.

I find it boring and predictable. From the description, we can already tell that the MC and Xue Yan are going to end up in a relationship. The MC also figures out within the first 10 chapters that someone behind the scenes was pushing along all the tragedies that happened in his past life. As a result, there's no sense of tension or anticipation... more>> at all. I'm not attached to any of the characters, so why would I stick around and see who the villain behind the scenes was?

The ML is also the typical unfavored prince who is secretly strong and powerful.

However, I did enjoy the MC's inner struggle about what he knew the ML was going to do and witnessing the ML being hurt. He realizes the ML was shaped by his environment and struggles with that.

But it's not enough to keep me reading.

2.5/5 stars <<less
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
It's an enjoyable ride, page-turning and not too draggy. The usual politics plot, protecting family and all. With the appropriate doses of politics + love + comedy. I would personally say that it actually has a potential to be longer but... as is with the author's other work, she usually stops where she wanted. It's like she's following a strict guideline on whether how much conflicts there should be, so that the story could be ended before people get tired. By people, I mean both the author and the readers.... more>> Well, that's the vibe I get, might just be my perception.

Best wingman award definitely goes to Jin Bao, ML's eunuch. Damn, his audacity... he really understood ML's personality. Near the end, it's all comedy I supposed, with ML telling the incapacitated Emperor and Empress his love for MC and his disregard for the throne, frustrating the Emperor again and again. Then on MC's side, ML getting MC's mother and the rest of the family's acceptance.

Something to ponder about: It's funny how despite MC's rebirth, the one with the gold finger is still ML. MC's role is to guide us readers along the plot while ML is in charged of being the protagonist of the story - solving all the troubles. 😆 <<less
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LoveLoveLovers rated it
May 17, 2023
Status: c25
I freaking love the dynamic the ML is not used to affection because of being treated badly his entire life cause of a prophecy of him bring destruction, death and bad luck leading him to be isolated and badly treated by everyone including his father and the MC is amazing, he mistakenly took the fanfic he read when he died as a like a prophecy book of how "badly and terrible the ML treats his sister in the future" but when he actually sees the ML being badly treated he... more>> can't help but feel bad cause they all treat him as a monster and actually make him one including the people who know this is happening but chose to ignore it which is why the ML killed alot of people and when the MC shows the ML some kindness he has never received before the ML starts feeling flustered and fluffy, I love this totally recommended for people who like healthy relationships. <<less
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WhenDogsFly rated it
April 28, 2023
Status: --
Beautifully written. I love ancient novels which are beautifully written. The plot starts with a dark theme, depicting the ML's cruel treatment by everyone. MC's heart is fluttered by this and even amidst his hatred, he couldn't help but develop compassion. ML is amused by these little acts of kindness. Love how the plot is progressing. Sending lots of love to the translator too for working so hard and translating so beautifully!!
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someonewithemptyhands rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: --
First guys I should tell u something
This novel is a MOST READ
Important things should be said thrice Second really tnk u translator sama for letting me know ab this novel and picking up this novel
Tbh I really didnt want to write a review cuz I almost read all of the chs in Mtl and didnt und manything but then when I think that maybe someone miss this novel for few comments and other thing so I decided to write a review but be... more>> aware please that I didnt understand the passage completly and maybe I would say something wrong.

First the summary
As u see in the summary here we have a story like SVSSS in the aspect of subject (yea all of the villains lover this story is for u) but with many diference one that I know many of u would like it is that here we dont have a shitty annoying sys that causes many misunderstooding but also we dont have sizun f*cker or shidy fucjer that I think its kinda sad. MC is a kind and normal man that lost his life and all of his family member in the hand of Ml. And ML only let his sister live. By some mistake from heaven he returned to his past life and decided to change his destiny.

I should say that although this story has political and ancient CN theme but dont read it for heavy plot or dog blood drama. It doesnt have smth like this at all. Its a very funny and well written light story.

Then lets go!


Yes he is a really likable character and no matter who u are u whould love him.

Although he is a kind and Justice Seeker person he really didnt sarciface all of his love and based his viewpoint for that and thats what I like ab him.

I know all of u like me start hating MCs that have frozen personality didnt want to change it and their viewpoint that cause many shitty misunderstooding in novel cuz couldnt just gave ML another chance eventhough ML is human too and everyone does mistake. But dont worry MC here is really logical and eventhough in the last life ML killed him, when he see that how everyone bully ML and that ML wanst really a crazy person from the start he decided to help him.

At the same time he isnt kind hearted toward his enemy and I really like this. When I see in some novel that MC forgive his enemy eventhough its obvious that they would betray him in the future I really wanted to slap them. It isnt kindness its dumbness!!!

Now if I want to say ab his behavior toward ML I think I cant find any problem in it although sometimes he could do something that their relationship progress faster and if it wasnt for ML personality his behavior could cause serious misunderstooding but cuz nothing happend I think its ok.


ML is really my favorite character. He was really a cute little wolf. Although he has a really yandre character he never limited MC or doing anything wrong toward him.

And at the same time I shoud say that again that author's writing really amazed me.. In this kind of novel we always read that how ML was sad cuz of others behavior or how did he want to take a revange or manipulate MC but here ml's feeling is most described ab how he change from a lonely crazy person to a loyal kind lover. MC didnt just help ML in his hard time one time and ML fall in love with him (as we see in typical novel) he really step by step cure his lonliness and all of this described well by author sama. U really could feel those scene and the chemistry between the main character is amazing.I think if they make a drama of this novel it would gets popular so fast.

ML has a really tragedic past and shitty family and what I really liked ab this novel is that MC didnt judge ML by his doing not like others MC, he know that ML has personality problem and it wasnt his fault so insted of using stuborness and say that ML shouldnt do that he is really an evil he certainly would kill me he try to cure ML by giving him his kindness and a family. Then after that he wasnt blind like others. He saw Ml's change!!!! I really dont und some MC. Eventhough everyone could feel Ml's change and his behavior MC didnt und it at all.


Ok I expected to read smth like SVSss as I said before but the among the dog foods in this novel almost kill me!!!!! Here we have typical courts war and a smart ML and MC that trying to save ppl from bad strong evil boss in the court and meanwhile they would improve their relationship. If u want a healty relationship u came to the right novel. Here we dont have any force any misunderstooding. Just two adult person (in the aspect of mind) fell in love and make a family.

Side character:

Mc's sister: she is really a cute little bunny although I hate side Cp but I really wanted to see her with Ml's subject. And although her name is on the novel name and in the summary she really didnt do anything special at all.

eunuch: guysss guyssssss let me introduce u to the most amazing eunuch in the world. He is really lovely. I should say that he played a really big role in main cp love progress and always make our negative EQ ML opportunity for gaining Mc's favor. At the same time he really scared of ML and always thinks that he would kill him

Ml's brother: in many novel other prince would struggle fpr power and play a big role on plot but here they are really dumb so I dont really write anything ab them cuz the big villain in the story is

the family of the one prince and some eunuchs


Mc's family: all of them are funny and cute in their own way. I really like to MC has supportive family.

Good point

1. Novel structure: the story didnt really get boring or smth like this. All the events are attractive and force u to follow the story

2. I couldnt find plot hole! No annoying shitty drama!!!

3. Healthy relationship between main cp

4. Author save the pace of the story and this is really imp. I read many novels that have best summary but in the middle author failed to progress the story or story is really good but the ending is rushed so u lost the enjoynment of reading the novel but this story isnt like this.

Bad point:

1. Really cant say that this is a bad point but for the ancient Cn setting it could be more compliacted than this. The villaian solved really fast by Ml. We could have more life risking situation

2. As always lack of the bed scene. Ths kiss scene is really good and keep me eager for bed scene but author say it in 1 line-- ML didnt do to the morning court--😶

So guys really recommend this to u. Especialy for light read or eating dogs food. Dont miss it!!! <<less
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Mins Cat
Mins Cat rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Ahhh, such beautiful story. I absolutely loved this story and enjoyed reading it a lot. Both MC & ML had very likeable characters. Their dinamic, their relation, their respect for each other was so beautiful that I cried so many time reading this novel. It's hard to come by such characters that actually respect each other and their decisions even after getting together. And the way ML respected MC was beautiful, he never forced him, nor he put any pressure on him (even though ML is kinda yandere but he... more>> is in good way I guess) and actually gave up on throne so MC doesn't have to be suffer and can live his life freely and follow his ideal life. I had so much love & respect for both main characters. It was beautiful.

And MTL is quite easy to understand, so if anyone wants to read this story then they should search novel's Chinese name not English one. Only then you will able to find raw of this novel and you can google translate it to read, it doesn't have many mistakes and is easy to read and understand. <<less
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Kiriya-kun rated it
October 30, 2023
Status: --
One of the most beautifully written ML character. I am happy that he found the light to keep living on cause what a life he’s been through. The twist at the end was something I did not expect and I am completely in awe of ML’s strength to keep holding despite everything.
And MC is just perfect for him. Both are such green flags. MC deserved ML and ML deserved MC.

Plot was simple but the execution was perfect with these beautiful characters.

If anyone came in here and say that ML... more>> fell in love with the MC from a simple kindness, imma just say it here, try living a life where everybody treat you less than what normal human would deserve. Having someone to look at you or listen properly will feel like a huge blessing. But, you’ll never know unless live it yourself.

Nothing more to say. It was a delightful read. I hope this get translated properly cause I mtl-ed it to the end.

These are some of my favourite sentences from story (mtl-ed of course) :

“Losing that warmth was much more painful than never having it. And afterwards, it was much more difficult to accept terror from the person who had given warmth than to accept the malice of other people.” *IMO: I think these words just described one of the biggest theme of the story.*

“The things that we value most are sometimes the least valuable things.”

5 stars from me! <<less
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Medeakg rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: c4
A novel that is well written and thought out. I MTL the rest of it because I needed to know what was going to happen next. I've read other work by this author and would recommend his work to anyone. My only complaint is I wanted a few more chapters with the MC and ML and their life together. A great read!
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chinguyen rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: c89
solid five star.

I am honestly surprised this novel didnt blow up on NU. The romance, the MC and ML were all so well written.

MC isnt the typical mary sue, some called him a buddha but hes not that grand. He sticks to his bottom line, hes smart and very logical in his decisions. His kindness towards the ML in the beginning was partially because to his nature, plus he came to a very logical conclusion after observing the ML that the kid in front of him isnt the crazy version... more>> he have read in the book, so if he shows kindness, he would be able to achieve his goal of protecting his family. I think it was a very logical and smart decision to made at that stage of their relationship.

ML is a also a very interesting and pleasing character. He's smart and preserving, he's tough from his life environment but readers will got to see his humane, vulnerable sides too and will be able to sympathize with him. His love and devotion for the MC was so full of respect and tenderness, like no way MC wouldnt fall for him after all that because anyone would too after seeing such selflessness. <<less
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htaotao rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I came in with low expectations but ended up being very pleasantly surprised. Based on the summary, it seemed like the ML would be a overbearing yandere type. However, the relationship between the two is very sweet and supportive. They both respect and care for one another. Definitely an enjoyable read!
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