The Skill Collector


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Special powers bestowed by the gods, [Skills].

Some are undesired, some serve no use.

This is the story of a peculiar man who buys such skills.

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Iranai Skill Kaitorimasu
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06/05/17 Saku c2
04/17/17 Saku c1
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UnGrave rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c2
There are only two chapters out for this at the time I'm writing this review, so I don't know how it will continue, however, I've been quite impressed by what I've seen so far. The writing fits the main character quite nicely, and the side characters he encounters all (mostly) have some sort of attribute that I can connect with and sympathize with. I always like when the protagonist

properly fills the 'Supernatural Mentor' slot rather than being OP for the sake of being OP. All in all, the translation quality... more>> is the best I've read in quite some time, and the story is rather enthralling. I give this web novel the highest score of a perfect 5/7. <<less
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MrBookL rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: c2
So far, it is rather well written, and rather well translated. So pretty darn good. I have no idea what the general plot is since 2 chapters simply aren't enough in this case, since it isn't a generic story, however the story itself is explained, and you have a general idea of how the world works with just those 2 chapters, and can notice many minour details too.

Basically, I really hope someone picks this up again since it is quite a good read.
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