The Simple Life of Killing Demons


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Imagination is always pleasant, but reality is cruel. I just wanted a simple life but why am I always getting into trouble?

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Fluffums rated it
October 26, 2016
Status: v2c6
I wanted to like this novel. I really did. The concept of a world under attack by demons, the main character seemed strong and confident, the female character he brought home was a cute elemental, I would have been ready to give it a 5/5 if it continued like that.

Unfortunately, MC couldn't decide if he was cool, a pervert, or just retarded - his reaction to a direct confession from the girl he likes is "Nah, there's no way she likes me". And that's his reaction to every female character,... more>> since they all fall in love with him. Even then, he's lecherous, but unable to do anything. It's like the author wanted to write porn but was a virgin so he couldn't figure out what would happen.

This would be easily forgivable if the main focus of the story was on the killing demons, but no, the main focus is on the main character meeting new women to add to his harem while he stares at their boobs and refuses to notice that they're in love with him.

So I guess if you like the cliche parts of japanese harem slice-of-life novels, this is for you. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
After reading so much so called cunning MC who in fact just a blood thirsty idiot, this series came at a refreshing feeling. The MC is so dense, but has a kind and just personality. Definitely worth read for the feeling involved, not the plot.

After few chapter, there are usually side chapters that tell the story from different perspective, but it didn't came out as boring or repetitive filler. It's fresh and opened our understanding of that character feeling. Not like the one from tilea's worries.

TLDR:even though it's has harem... more>> kinda development, it gave you warm and fuzzy feeling and not usual disgust seeing the MC conquered woman like some sort of trophy to be wed (*cough ATG cough*). <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: v3c11
A friendship story with more then ordinary plot. It's not OP MC becoming more OP, instead it's about not so ordinary guy with a power which might kill him in the end. Who knows this might end up as a tragedy but for now it feels like more of light hearted mystery that is gradually unraveling a plot.
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poli rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: v1c1
Overbearingly tsundere harem members (who treat the MC with disdain only to be eternally forgiven) and an "always nice" MC makes for a pretty cookie cutter, mediocre novel.
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Xeanx13 rated it
December 30, 2015
Status: --
The story is okay and the character interaction is pretty typical of a friendly Japanese good guy main character that is dense.

... more>>

He does not really power up through his own means at the moment all he has so far is two dragon sprits in him that lets him use scared flames from the light dragon, this burns his soul so he is killing himself, and he also befriended a King class spirit, top level for spirits under special class, while being the lowest spirit power which means he was not actually suppose to have such a powerful spirit. He is the lowest in existence before the MC takes over the body in this world and because he also comes from another world so it kinda hints the MC gonna be looked down upon for a while


I recommend this if you like Japanese novels in general but a fair warning that the MC is dense and he does not really power up as of Volume 2 chapter 12 that I have read up to so far I might come back and edit this post once it reaches the end of Volume 3. <<less
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Aricatos rated it
March 16, 2016
Status: --
Slow, could be better, MC is an absolute f*cking ret*rd (who the f*ck does not know what teenage girls "sell" in alleyways for hundred of thousandss of dollars/yen? This MC, that's who.)

While MC is dense, and his harem is amusingly expanding without him realizing it, it's still amusing enough to be enjoyable. But not superbly enjoyable, just funny to read.

Not bad, translation is good and story isn't incredibly bad so 4/5 or closer to 3.5/5. Could be better, but could be worse as well.
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mukkaar rated it
November 12, 2015
Status: --
Pretty good :D Tough dense mc's that never do anything are pretty annoying.
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Melakias rated it
January 24, 2016
Status: --
Having read the first two volumes, I will say the story's not bad, the set up's the cliche Truck-kun taking the MC to another world, in this version he ends in the body of a parallel him, weak and nerdy, bullied and dense. But not all hope is lost, in his body he carries the two Dragon Gods, who died thousands of years ago and now are attached to his soul. Both bring quite the humor and act as a voice of guidance to the MC.

About the Dragons:

... more>>

both are pretty funny and quite the pair of perverts, love to fight with each other at any little grievance too, they usually speak with the MC through dreams and in his mind, but it never happens in an instant and the MC ends looking into the distance (or chests) meanwhile.

The MC's the cliche Japanese Harem main character, dense, hard working, no adult figure around, weak at the start and naive. Even if he's dense, I gotta say I'm not as mad as other novels/stories I have read, a lot of the times people aren't straightforward with him, but he's more often than not, asking to clear things up.
About his weakness

It's explained that his weakness is mostly from not being trained since young, so he can't use magic without the massive force in his body making all spells go berserk, luckily for him, the two dragons appear to have a way to fix it (or so they say)

In all it's not a bad novel, just another Harem, Comedy, Action, Dense Protagonist, Japanese-like story, not bad to read if you like it. <<less
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chinese reader
chinese reader
December 9, 2015
Status: --
MC makes yuuki rito look like a man (true even after a few hundred chapters)
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