The Saintess Became the Northern Grand Duke’s Daughter


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Liriette, who has the ability to heal people.
Because of her power, Liriette was only used by the High Priest and met her death.
When she opened her eyes, Liriette was back as a 10-year-old.

‘I won’t live a hellish life again.’

Liriette visits the Duke of Windsorais, ruler of the North, to escape the clutches of the demonic High Priest.

“I will fix the Duke’s eyes. So please let me be by your side.”

She thought that if she could stay in the castle, she would do the hard work, whether it was cleaning or doing the laundry.
But the Duke says something completely unexpected…

“Will you be my daughter?”

Liriette’s voice trembled as she asked.

“Then what can the Duke get, though?”
“A nice and pretty daughter.”
“Above all, when I become a real father, you will act childish too. I’m not talking about things like favors or inconveniences or what now.”

An ice-cold northern duke and a warm spring-flower-like girl meet and become a family.

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성녀는 북부 대공의 딸이 되었습니다
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selprenal rated it
June 26, 2023
Status: c18
This trope has been done many times before, but the author manages to keep the story interesting and engaging by creating compelling characters and adding a touch of realism that makes it come across as heartwarming instead of contrived. There are only 18 chapters so far, but they are well translated and I appreciate how the main current antagonist isn't reduced to being a dumb one-dimensional character, but instead, is competent at his job and it's believable how he made it to his current position.

... more>>

The high priest is explained to be good at medicine, can sense divine power, and is also good at acing benevolent. Plus he came to the duke with an actual plan to take away Liriette instead of just demanding him to hand her over and then getting shocked when he refused.


It's a cute story with realistic actions and thoughts, and characters are quite fleshed out despite only having 18 chapters. I may bump my rating up to 5 if I read a bit more and enjoy what I see :)

One aspect which I really like was:


How Noelle refused to leave the Temple/High Priest. It's sad, but often times victims of abuse don't leave their abuser because of various reasons (I'm not really good or fit to explain them in detail since I may get them wrong), but this also makes Liriette's escape from the Temple bittersweet as she's leaving behind Noelle, who refused to leave with her.

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Ecirteab rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: c72
If you're a fan of rofan childcare type novels, this scratches the itch very well. It has many of the usual tropes but done well enough to be enjoyable.

Liriette - usual cute and kind regressor protagonist who finally gets a good childhood after her first hellish life. She doesn't act excessively cute and is just trying to live well. She's not too adult and childish enough, especially now that she lives a good life. She comes across as someone who can be too mature for her age at times but... more>> others she seems sheltered from the world at large which suits her past.

Duke - surprisingly young which makes some story events kind of ?? He's unmarried and childless so you don't have that kinda weird 'i am only a good father to my cute adopted daughter and the rest of my sons are treated coldly' or 'I am obsessed with my dead wife and have become a terrible father' tropes.

I like how pragmatic he is and that he's like a good duke. He isn't some tyrant, his aura is just scary when he isn't smiling. He's still the typical cold duke only warm to his daughter but like in a reasonable way. He'll ask her why she doesn't call him father instead of brooding excessively, he'll try to be nice to her friends who like him so she has friends.

It's also not too boring, there's at least some plot active behind the cute stuff so the story doesn't feel like a lull. There's also an antagonist that is present and somewhat meddling that the duke can't simply kill so there's that overhanging threat too.

I'll wait and see how the romance develops before committing to a 5 star but if you like childhood rofans I do recommend this! <<less
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Medea_p13 rated it
March 10, 2024
Status: c64
I really like this story, I like how it's simple yet intricate but places of complexity. The relationship dynamics and the twists and turns that come with them are fun to follow, I think the most fun so far is seeing the growth and healing of the MC. I would definitely recommend giving it a read.
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