The Return of the Genius Ranker of All Times


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God of Savior, the virtual reality game that has taken over the world, and the previous game that formed the blueprint of that game, Deus Ex Machina- Ragnarok, (a.k.a Demrok). Kaizer, the first ranker of Demrok. Once referred as a god, was in hiding due to unknown circumstances makes a return in 1 year and 6 months!

“Would you like to log into the game?”

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역대급 천재 랭커의 귀환
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Date Group Release
03/13/24 Infamous-Scans c7
03/05/24 Infamous-Scans c6
03/02/24 Infamous-Scans c5
03/01/24 Infamous-Scans c4
03/01/24 Infamous-Scans c3
03/01/24 Infamous-Scans c2
03/01/24 Infamous-Scans c1
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