The Resolute Cannon Fodder Teaching In Ancient Time


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Xu Zhen picked up a little beggar. Xu Zhen treated and loved the little beggar in every possible way.

However, during a certain day, the system pointed out to her, this little beggar was a big villain, and Xu Zhen this small cannon fodder would sooner or later die due to the big villain.

Xu Zhen cried.

She quickly retreated 3 feet away from the little beggar, kneeled down and kowtow, “I’m wrong already, I won’t dare to ever make you recognize words and do homework, please spare me and let me return to the countryside to live my life.”

With a cold expression, the little beggar calmly told her, “Begging for forgiveness now? Too late already.”

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Madmac rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I have enjoyed it alot, the protagonist is really smart and funny, the way she evolves with ups and down through the story is really entertaining. Her endgame is basically to survive by collecting Merritt points she needs to keep living by doing good deeds. For example everyday cost her one Merritt point to live another day, if she gives a beggar some coins she earns two points. Great benelovent deeds give more points, you get the gist.

MC is very pragmatic and self sufficient, since she transmigrated and was originally... more>> a teacher, she fights her way through with wits and humour. Even though it's only 97 chapters long, it still reads like a small epos, with how she rises and falls and travels to various places with the FL.

Mystery plays a big role, the FL has a huge backstory and it's thrilling to unravel it till the end of the book. MC is forced to discover everything about the FL to avoid getting killed by her. Her relationship with her is really sweet though, and it all makes sense in the end

The world is a fictional dynasty where women and men are basically equal, so you have females as soldiers, generals, high officials etc as well. It's a hard read though, since confucianism and taoism plays a big role, tons of Chinese proverbs appear, and well known Chinese historical figures like Cao Mengde etc are quoted alot. I understand why no one would want to translate it 😂

There is some angst here and there, and I even shed tears but it's nothing tragic to keep you from reading, it makes it more thrilling and you wanna know how things play out.

Only critique I have is that in the later half the story gets quite convoluted, some things are not explained and the end is a little lackluster.

Imo this book is a hidden gem, the MC is refreshing and very resourceful, she has no op abilities, only her smarts and former modern knowledge. Highly recommendend read for the MC alone <<less
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messbiscuit rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: --
The synopsis had me laughing already and I think I'm going to love reading it even more. Can't wait to dive in. 😊 Thank you to the Translator for picking up this work.
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