The Reincarnated Villainess Seeks Revenge


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“Kill your husband, and I will make you empress.”

She gave everything for the man she loved.
But the price was bitter betrayal.

“I’m sorry for not protecting you…”

In the moment when she awaited death engulfed in flames, she discovered his true feelings.
As she held her deceased husband’s hand and took her last breath, Adelaide made a promise.

If only she could turn back time, she would surely seek revenge on the man who betrayed her.
And then…

‘I’m back… … .’

A chance for revenge was given.

* * *

“If you succeed in this matter, you will become emperor. So we should get divorced before that… … .”

“Who wants divorce?”

“… … .”

“You’re the only one allowed to sit next to me, Adele.”

Carlion’s eyes shone sharply.

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회귀한 악녀는 복수를 원한다
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