The Protagonist Pursues Me Relentlessly


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Former world champion Jiang Mo was once impoverished and on the brink of death, but he found himself transported into a book, becoming a fake young master within its pages.

Upon the return of the real young master, the original protagonist was kicked out of the family, and the clueless original host joined a dating reality show.

The stage for the eight contestants was actually a story about the protagonist and his six pursuers. Due to the original host’s wicked actions, he became despised by everyone.

When Jiang Mo arrived, his agent handed him the script for the despised character, and he had to act according to the script to support the protagonist.

Jiang Mo: Can I not act?

Agent: There’s a breach of contract fee of five million, but if you act well, we’ll give you an additional hundred thousand.

Jiang Mo: I’ll act!!!

As the program aired, the male contestants lavished attention on the protagonist. Jiang Mo held his script, just like in the original story, and the audience compared him to the protagonist.

The other contestants intentionally avoided Jiang Mo, but the first-ranked actor in the book, Chi Ying, stuck to him.

Even Chi Ying’s fans noticed it—why was their idol so infatuated with Jiang Mo?

#ChiYu x Jiang Mo# started trending, and the fans of Chi Ying mobilized—

The stoic Chi Yu only smiles at Jiang Mo. Chi Yu only protects Jiang Mo, and his gaze is always fixated on him…

It was all initiated by Chi Yu. What’s so good about Jiang Mo?

From Chi Yu’s perspective—

Jiang Mo’s smile is so sweet.

When playing games, only Jiang Mo looks at Chi Yu with a worried expression.

When scared, Jiang Mo immediately rushes to Chi Yu’s side and grabs hold of him…

“Wuwuwu, it’s too sweet. Who the f*ck wouldn’t be obsessed with this?”

“Can I have a cute little kitty like this, please?”

“The gaze of Chi Ying, the king of actors, is truly discerning.”

“Sorry, but I’m getting high off this.”

After the two got together, gossip spread about Chi Ying’s affair with the rising star jungler, Wish.

In the leaked photos, there was a familiar figure with a white head nestled in Chi Ying’s embrace…

Fans widened their eyes, finding it hard to believe.

How could the husband who dominated the arena be Chi Ying’s little kitty?!

#Damn, my husband became someone else’s husband?#

[Reading Guide]

1. Excellent at gaming, usually innocent and sweet, occasionally naturally dark as a submissive with possessiveness multiplied by eight hundred filters. The love-struck aggressor, with the submissive being 170 cm tall and the aggressor being 193 cm tall, have a significant physical difference with an 8-year age gap.
2. Same-s*x marriage background, the aggressor is in the entertainment industry, and the submissive leaves the industry after participating in the dating reality show to pursue a professional gaming career. The aggressor pursues the submissive, initially attracted to him and then falls deeply in love upon further interactions.
3. A sweet and fluffy story with little logic. If it doesn’t suit your reading preferences, please exit promptly. Do not share if you choose to abandon the story. Have a pleasant life.

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9 Reviews

New Yumeru
Apr 15, 2024
Status: Completed
satisfied with the novel^^there's already the heads-up on summary so don't read if it's not ur cup of tea to prevent unwarranted low reviews. 1st half is about entertainment arc then the last half is about esports. Jiang mo? Our MC is such a soft bun! Fragile but at the same time strong with his ideals and aspirations. Really did his best during the variety show for xtra money and good that ml's there to lift up Momo's mood. He's good to his real family/true friends, a good coach and... more>> despite being shy he tries his best to show his love to ML. Shy but proactive on his love, our ML also does not loose haha, ML did pursued MC and supports him until the end. What can ML do but get his heart soft due to MC pampering him. ML do pamper MC too and our MC deserves it especially healing from his past hurtful experience. I am good with MC not saying his past to ml. For him he already have a good new life and does not want ML to be sad.

there's a lot of lol/game descriptions for esports arc. There's picture of characters too (salute to translatorss) you can quick read the battles and still get the gist of the story. Expect CN patriotism here well this is a chinese novel <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 24, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is an enjoyable novel mangled into incoherence by the deceivingly nice-looking translations.

To be fair, the succeeding translations were okay, but the first part with the explanations were so confusing that anyone would stop reading at that point.

Technically, I would rate this a 4, 4.5 to be generous, but I rated it 5 to bump up the overall average because having 3.3 as an average seems a bit too low.

The author's warnings are there, if you don't like those things in your novel, skip this one and keep looking... more>> for another read.

But if you like it, then this novel might be right up your alley, because it is what the author said it is.

Plus, the execution keeps you hooked and there's little to no dull moments.

I suggest skimming past the confusing explanations, what you need to know I'll write below so that there'll be less confusion:

  1. Jiang Mo is transmigrated into an RPF instead of a novel, so people he knows in real life are also there.
  2. Jiang Mo has a biological older brother: Lu Yu, who did not get along with Lu Xuan back before the revelation happened.
  3. Jiang Mo was found out to be a fake young master after he clung to the OG shou's destined gong to create hype
  4. Lu Xuan is the original protagonist shou of the RPF, he and Jiang Mo were switched at birth
  5. Chi Yu, the Film Emperor, is the original protagonist gong and also the ML
  6. Jiang Mo starts messaging Chi Yu because the saved contact didn't have any notes indicating who might be the person on the other side, but judging by the cat pfp, Jiang Mo thought he might be a "patient sister" who wouldn't mind being sent promotional links
Additional Observations:

  1. MC might be timid, but for the things that matters, he stands his ground.
  2. For all that the ML is possessive, he's still reasonable. He listens to the MC on important decisions, he gives the MC space to grow and flourish, and he doesn't overstep his boundaries if he sees the MC really being firm on something.
  3. The villains/cannon fodder all had proportional ends.
  4. First half of the novel is the love line conducted in the variety show, second half of the story is the career line of MC as a professional E-Sports player. (Please note that I don't know a single thing about E-Sports in real life, so if you're a huge fan, I don't know if the author wrote that well)
  5. We never do get a reason for MC's transmigration as far as I know, but I wasn't able to read the extras so I might be wrong.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 18, 2024
Status: --
I can’t fairly rate the novel. It seems like a 4 if you want a cute fluffy story.

The problem is the translation. It’s very very rough MTL. They seem to push out updates and don’t even bother to read what Google (or whatever they used) did, as names get switched a lot. It gets very confusing as to who is saying what or what they’re doing.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 13, 2024
Status: Completed

  • The amount of sweetness is just right! It’s not overly sweet that it’s nauseating- it’s the kind that makes you giggle along the characters and ship them!
  • I really like how MC has a soft personality but he stands up for himself and for his dreams
  • Others might find MC “childish” especially at the beginning but he’s really precious and not annoying at all as you read more!
  • I like how ML treats MC, its just so sweet (especially the time when he was still pursuing MC) ♥️ I also like how MC’s family genuinely treats him
  • I enjoyed reading the fans’ comments! On other novels, I usually skip the fan comments but the fan comments here were enjoyable to read (plus I relate to them a lot hahaha)

  • The initial chaps of this story was confusing (the background wasn’t really explained well) - thankfully I pushed through because I almost missed out on this gem!
  • It wasn’t clear as to why ML suddenly likes MC or why MC suddenly caught his attention
  • I dislike how ML lightly ‘gaslight’ MC sometimes - like when he didn’t tell MC that he was the team’s owner. When it got discovered, ML said that he never lied to MC but really, he mislead MC because he wanted to tease him (anyhooo it’s harmless teasing)

  • 10/10!!!!
  • Yes, it’s too good to be true. Yes, the beginning parts don’t make sense so much but it’s definitely worth reading if you’re looking for a novel that can make you giggle and ship ML/MC together with the fans inside the novel haha
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 23, 2023
Status: Completed
There are a lot of things I like about this novel. Although it wasn't the best, I gave it a 5 star rating because of how enjoyable it was for me.

Things I like:


... more>> Dating show

Live broadcast (both the dating show and MC's gaming career)

Clingy ML

Adorable MC (I just love him)

... and a lot more.

Note, however, that MC is very easily coaxed by the ML, if that's something you don't like, then maybe this is not for you. Personally, I like it and it's not about something grave anyway. One instance was when...


ML used MC's live broadcast channel to tell the viewers how much MC loves him (which I found very adorable) and when MC found out, he was very embarrassed but was easily coaxed by the ML. ML pretended to be pitiful and regretful and MC was like "well, just this once, ok?" or something along those lines


Overall, I've enjoyed it very much and if you have similar recommendations, please please please recommend me some 😔😔😭😭.

Anyway, I think I've read almost all (if not all) of these kinds of novels tho. It doesn't matter if it's untranslated, I can do MTL (I'm desperate 😫). <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 03, 2024
Status: Completed
Lovely story, I loved how Jiang mo wasn’t so spineless in the showbiz arc, and chi yu supported the MC to stand up for himself. The esports part was enjoyable to read, and he had a huge golden finger. My only complaint was the translation, it was clearly mtl and extremely hard to read. I almost dropped the novel multiple times because of the translation but ultimately powered through for the plot.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 08, 2024
Status: Completed
So, so sweet. If you want to see a pretty good paced romance, with a sweet plot, and righteous face slapping, this novel is definitely for you.

Heed the author's warning! The protagonist is 19 and the male lead is 27, if you mind the age gap, please keep this in mind :) It did bother me at first, but I'm very glad to see that the author didn't write any noncon or dubcon between them. Just a silly sweet couple. ML is very considerate of the MC, and vice versa.

Will... more>> reread again! And thank you for the hard work, translator! The daily updates are always nice to see ❤️ <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Actually 3.8 for whole novel + translation is already maximum, if u ignore the translation it's 3.9 if u ignore the brain hole itls 4.0, as usual this type of short novel story with not more than 80 ch is focusing on MC and ML interaction and just skimp over the drama, and for me author really take us for brainwashing when they write about netizen comments for our MC.. Like how cute he is.. How adorable.. Yeah.. Although it had face slapping moment idk I donl't feel it's satisfying,... more>> well for quick and not burdensome type of reading it's good <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 15, 2024
Status: Completed
First of all praise to the translation team they did a terrific job.

I like how they split this into 2 halves. One focus on them getting together. The 2nd focus on MCs career.

MC is what I called a tough cry baby he's really soft but he doesn't fall easily, he will keep getting back up and keep trying. He's really sincere and soft. He's not the annoying type of just getting bullied, he will fight back when it matters. He's clever and well behave mix with serious when play... more>> games. He's a great MC for this novel.

ML well typical type Overbearing CEO but who respects MC alot which is always the best quality.

Original Protagonist was a white lotus , when are they not. This one is just abit more reasonable and don't hate because he's jealous.

I love the Game side of things it's relaxing and has abits of detail.

I like this novel recommend <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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