The Protagonist Eventually Ran Away


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“You’re mine. Mine, and I won’t let anyone else snatch what’s mine, ever,” Zen Baker, the obsessive protagonist of a tr*shy novel, living solely for revenge. Deborah wanted to avoid him at all costs, but fate brought her face-to-face with him at the maid interview.

“Let’s start with the first question. Why did you leave the Heather family ten years ago?” Zen kept throwing irrelevant questions at the interview.

“Are you here to defend a dead person?”

“Dead people can’t defend themselves.”

As Deborah mentioned her marriage, Zen displayed a mix of surprise and anger, but his gaze turned unreadable upon hearing she had become a widow.

“You can’t go back to the hotel. You won’t even get to take a train,” Deborah tried to refuse the job offer, but Zen was determined to keep her by his side.

Eventually, Deborah, now working at Baker’s, aims to prevent the misfortune of the protagonist. However, the notorious Zen Baker keeps showing a different side from the original story.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know how to apologize properly with words.”

“How will you prevent what worries you?”

“Do you like my eyes?”

Deborah, confused by Zen’s seemingly good nature, even sees traces of the boy she met ten years ago in him, grown up. Her heart starts to flutter. These emotions, she didn’t want to acknowledge them.

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결국 여주인공이 도망갔다
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