The Princess Went to the North to Mess Things Up


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[My lord, it is time for us to get married.] [I do not wish to.] [My lord, let us at least meet and have a conversation.] [I do not wish to.] [My lord, then shall we call off the engagement?!] [I do not wish to.] Princess Servil and Duke Lucian Fernes have been engaged for 10 years.

The Duke has neither met the Princess nor married her, yet he refuses to call off the engagement.

Frustrated, Servil travels to the distant north to confront her strange fiancé.

But how can she manage to break off the engagement that he has neglected for the past 10 years?

“My lord, what on earth are you thinking?”

“I want to be entangled with you.”

Servil narrowed one eye and blew a kiss into the air.

…So she decided to give him a piece of her mind in the north. She had only 15 days to do so.


“What I said back then was all a lie. It was just empty words to try and win you over.”

“But didn’t you say I was handsome?”

“That…is true, but…”

“And didn’t you say I was cute?”

“You’re quite the mimic.”

“Yes, I learned from a very bad teacher.”

Lucian locks eyes with her.

Servil is enveloped by a foreboding feeling that all the bad things she had done would come back to her.

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북부로 간 왕녀가 깽판침
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February 17, 2024
Status: c14
Honestly, I just really don't like this ML.

Unless there is some sort of surprise twist and the Northern dude isn't the real ML ofc.

I mean, leaving her waiting for 10 years and still refusing to talk or break the engagement?

... more>> Idc if he likes her, he's all like boo hoo I'm so mentally weak and fragile that I can't let her live her life because shes wasted on me here. Qq

Bs, screw this dude and his entitlement. I was really hoping she would actually try and gut him but she opted for a nonsensical annoy him plan. Girl just gut this tr*sh and move on smh.

Anyways, I might come back to this later to hate read idk. <<less
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