The Outdated Boy Group Became Popular


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Boy group Victoria finally debuted after three years of hard training. However, their performance as a group fell flat, and they announced their disbandment after just a year.

Eight years later, a hot topic once again brought this group to the attention of netizens.

Seeing the surging popularity, the management company urgently called back the members and invested heavily to organize a variety show for the group.

As soon as the first episode of the show was announced, it was met with cold mockery from netizens. “A variety show with a bunch of washed-up old men, not even dogs would watch this!”

When the show aired, the five members reunited, leaving everyone in awe.

Netizen A: “Isn’t that suited-up elite guy the CEO of Guang Yao Media? What is he doing here?”
Fan: “He’s Captain Sang Luo of Victoria. A real prince charming! Wealthy and handsome, a perfect investment!”

Netizen B: “Isn’t that the internet-famous musician with millions of fans?”
Fan: “That’s our amazing vocalist, Xiao Han. A human Barbie! Gorgeous and sweet, excelling in both singing and composing!”

Netizen C: “I know that Cheng Yun An guy! He’s a popular parenting blogger on XX platform! Wishful thinking of a perfect husband!”
Fan: “The strongest rapper on the surface of the Earth, get to know him? Cool and stylish, the ace of V Group!”

Netizen D: “What the heck! Why is Jiang Zhi Xia here?”
Fan: “Doesn’t everyone know that our Best Actor Jiang is born to be an idol? One of the faces of V Group and their ultimate attacker – Jiang Zhi Xia!”

Netizen E: “Is Jiang Zhi Xia’s appearance just one of his features?! Is your group trying to conquer the world?”

And then, the final member appeared.

Fan: “Introducing our youngest member, the ultimate face who’s also the group’s favorite – Xia Zhi! He can be salty or sweet, any style you like!”

Netizens checked his background – an incredibly young professor at XX University.

Netizen: “How did a lineup like this flop in the first place? Outrageous!”

After the first episode aired, the washed-up old men officially renamed themselves “Treasure Boys.” Netizens felt a mix of regret and admiration for the members’ unwavering chemistry and team spirit over the past decade.

At this moment, a revelation surfaced that the initial disbandment was due to internal conflicts among the teammates. It was none other than the most popular members in the group, Jiang Zhi Xia and Xia Zhi.

After the show concluded, a celebratory banquet was broadcasted by the production team. Jiang Zhi Xia, who couldn’t hold his liquor, was quickly intoxicated.

The online viewers had the privilege of witnessing the icy and domineering Jiang Zhi Xia transform into a sweet and affectionate little bun beside Xia Zhi.

“Honey, I miss you so much. It’s my fault, will you forgive me? Can we start anew?”

Netizen: “…What happened to not getting along?”

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August 24, 2023
Status: c17
Premise is very refreshing and different and even the variety show is not overly done, very relaxed. I like that no one is intentionally attention seeking and that they are a supportive group of friends. Even the reason for the breakup from the past made sense.

But I just can't continue bc this is not for me. I just- I just simply cannot understand novels that require the leads go on a reality tv show to hash out their feelings. I don't know if it was serendipitous and that the ML... more>> would've never contacted the MC to reconcile if there wasn't this chance of a variety show, but sorry maybe it's bc 1. I am not an attention seeking who*e (yet lol) and 2. I'm not in entertainment (nothing wrong with either but that's why I mentally cannot understand why) bc why YOU CAN'T JUST PICK UP THE PHONE IN THE LAST 8 YEARS TO EXPLAIN URSELF AND chase the MC again WITHOUT THE WORLD WATCHING YOU?

It helps that the variety show is very relaxed and respects their space so far. But I simply can't get over this mental block personally. I give it the benefit of the doubt that the ML was afraid of being rejected (bc of his guilt and insecurity which is totally fair) to reach out without an excuse of a VARIETY SHOW, but yea that's why I just don't think it's for me. I think it's a good book actually. A relaxing romance with mature characters. Personally, I just can't so I'm dropping it. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Common_people rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I quite like it. About an old love to be on Fire again. An old unkown boygroup caught on 'Fire' after disband for a long time. Then Reunion show was make for them and the secret internal conflict between some member was clear after that. The description above really on point.

The story not so detail about the Entertainment, their group nor there's big conflict. The villain didnt bloom yet he already Dead in purple. It's more about ex lover become a lover again after their communication works properly.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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