The Nerd Turned Out To Be The Tyrant


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I fell into an R19 devastating novel where a tyrant went mad and killed all the characters in the story.

The problem is that I only looked at the scenes and didn’t know the contents properly!

In any case, there is only one person to avoid, and it’s no other than the emperor. As a commoner, will I even have the chance to meet him?

While living in a village on the far end of the continent which was very distant from the imperial palace, I only have one interest!

“I’m Lucette. You can call me Luce.”

“Me too… call me Rev.”

One day, a mysterious boy, Rev, suddenly appeared in the village.

“Really, what are you going to do without me?”

“Yeah, how can I live without you?”

I’m worried because he’s so kind and naïve, so I have to take care of him and protect him!

…… That’s what I thought.

“…The other places are fine, but you should not come to the second floor.”

“Please, you must not drink this.”

“It’s nothing.”

Why do you have so many secrets?

“Report immediately who she meets, what she does, and who she smiles at.”

My friend, who disappeared for a while, came back even more suspicious.

“I told you, Luce. I cannot live without you.”

Who are you?

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너드남이 알고 보니 폭군이라 합니다
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4 Reviews

Mar 28, 2022
Status: prologue
the main characters seem.. Cute? I like FL, ML too. I love the type of ML, who are cruel and ferocious, but in front of their beloved they are like angels. Looking forward to the next chapters, the novel seems promising, now my rating is 5 stars :)
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 24, 2023
Status: --

The romance is a standard fare. A young abandoned prince in exile falls in love with a ditzy commoner girl. It's quite cute. If you like childhood sweethearts, hidden identities and powerful characters pretending to be meek in front of their love interest then it will be right up your alley.

But what I like the most is that the side characters are nicely fleshed out. Frankly I enjoy all the secrets and scheming done by the people around protagonists more than the actual romance. The magician who is always doing something shady but you can't decide whether he's helping you or scheming against you. The empress consort that doesn't hate her step-son but never helps him in fear that if the emperor stops hating his first son, he'll turn his abusive behaviour towards her own child. The young second prince, who grew up surrounded by praise and given unconditional love but doesn't understand that the world outside his own bubble is cruel and harsh, harming people around him in his ignorance. It's refreshing since so often the characters in webnovels are either saints, grotesquely villanous or one dimensional props.

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Nov 08, 2022
Status: c17
FL is kind of s*upid but I'm enjoying it so far. ML is an abandoned Prince exiled to a remote village town, where he meets FL, who protects him from the local bully. ML is shy, formal and a little awkward, which FL finds very cute. But we get glimpses of a darker side when people from the Imperial family pop up to block his growing friendship with FL. I'm looking forward to seeings how this story goes!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 08, 2023
Status: c41
I like it, but I'm getting that awful feeling. The feeling that the author is going to twist the relationships into a mess and go darkcore.

Also, the last wizard Ladanum, it doesn't seem like he is on the emperor's side or our ML's side. Seems like Ladanum is on his own side trying to use what he can to live for the future. So I can't hate him or like him, just curious about his actions.
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