Became the Tyrant’s Pet


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Possessing a traitor’s daughter, I became the male lead’s pet in exchange for sparing my life.

“Come here to the bed. We have to sleep together. You’re my pet.”

He talked drowsily, but the look on his ruby-red eyes made me doubt him.

To live, I had no choice but to behave.

Then I realized.

I didn’t lift any finger here, but three delicious meals a day were always being served, and no one dared to touch me because of the male lead, a tyrant.

‘…Is this where my life goes downhill?’

He became more friendly, so it was time for the original work to begin.

I told him that it might be my time to leave… but his reaction was strange.

“You tamed me, and yet you’re going to abandon me?”

There was a terrible obsession in his red eyes.

Will Mia be able to survive? Or will things take an unexpected turn?

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3 Reviews

Mar 18, 2022
Status: c65
Firstly this is not a sadistic "You are now my pet, woman." The MC is hilariously bonkers and the pet situation somehow comes about. Under MC's persistence to be a pet, even the ML was thinking she had some weird... preferences. Meanwhile, MC is thinking "the novel kills people but no animals were harmed!"

MC's family became traitors to the crown and fled, when the emperor (ML) came to capture the traitors only MC was left in the house. From the start, I have been laughing. You would think the scene... more>> would be heavy due to the army traveling to capture the traitors but the scene is not like that at all.

Receiving the pet title: It felt like MC had a no-good gambling father who fled to avoid the debt collectors and MC was forced to face the debt collectors alone. MC (head chock full of k-dramas) decides to use her body to pay off the debt, but the debt collectors follow moral principles and reject the idea, MC says she will be a pet and work like a dog, and the debt collectors are now wondering if MC is a little crazy or if she actually wants to be a pet because of her strange preferences.

Well, in the end, no one considers MC a pet except MC herself. She's constantly thinking of how to be a good guard dog? the heck? I guess she is bored now that she's the traitor's daughter.

Here's the hard truth. MC's character is set up to act like a funny cute fool, that occasionally shows boss-level intelligence. It's unrealistic, but Idc because it's fun to read regardless.

Btw, you know the butterfly effect right? MC accidentally caused a tornado here lol. <<less
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Apr 19, 2022
Status: c11
I really like the FL, she's really nice and a particular character (?).

Her personality is quite funny and lovable, as for the ML he's really cold and a tyrant.

I hope our FL can make him open up more.
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Aug 19, 2022
Status: c11
glad this was picked back up!

the MC is a bit of an airhead but very likable. The ML seems cold, but he’s not a tyrant bc he wants to be and I feel like his personality will open up as we can see him laughing and smiling at mc’s quirkiness in the first few chapters.

I’m looking forward to laughing more!
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