The Male Lead’s Lieutenant is Tired


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In the grimdark novel, I was reincarnated as the vice-captain of the male lead’s knights.
I originally lost my life to a demon inside the male lead’s body, playing a role that leaves behind a deep trauma for him.

Initially, I tried to avoid the male lead in order to survive, but I changed my strategy and ended up directly eliminating the demon.

Now, I had a stable and peaceful life as a knight, and I hoped to comfortably watch the love between the male and the female leads grow.

“Come with me, Serdin.”
“Huh? Me again?”

It seems like the male lead has started to focus on work instead of the female lead! So even I, the vice-captain, am always being sought after every single day. All the time!!



“Do it yourself.”

Royce handed me the madeleine he was going to give to the original female lead, Lucile. It seemed he was too embarrassed to give it to her personally.

“Why don’t you just give it directly instead of beating around the bush?”
“I am giving it directly.”
“Goodness, acting all coy. Do you think my hand is the same as yours, Captain?”
“…You have a lot of demands, Serdin.”

Royce strode up to me with an annoyed expression and took the madeleine back from me.

“Yes, it’s better to give it directly…”

I definitely meant for him to give it directly to the female lead. However, at that moment, Royce tore open the packaging of the madeleine right in front of me.

“Are you only satisfied if I feed it to you myself?”

He was pulling me closer and holding the madeleine to my lips. Unlike his bad-tempered expression, the tips of his ears were turning red.

What the hell is this situation?

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피폐물 남주의 부관은 피곤합니다
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