The Lover’s Prattle


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How pitiful is a life without love?

In every happy ending, there is always a male character who either meets his demise or lives the rest of his life alone.

Maybe these male characters regard feelings as playthings, or maybe they just don’t care. But what if they each meet someone who is willing to love them and spend the rest of their life with them?

These are the love stories of said male characters and their counterparts.

CEO x Actress √

Reborn ML x Transmigrator √

General x Empress-to-be √

Demon Lord x Holy Maiden √

Yandere x Vampire √

Playboy x Playgirl √

And more √


Although the author labeled this as a quick transmigration novel, it is far from one. Each arc can be read as a short standalone story.

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New Lishasharma rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: c5
A novel filled to the brim with sugar and endless fluff!!. The Arcs are short and cute.

So if you're looking for a cute, sweet and fluff filled novel where the ML spoils the MC then this novel is it!. There is a dark arc in there somewhere as well... yeah I'll leave it at that.

My favourite Arc in the general Arc, it's probably one of the most shortest Arc, about 7 or 8 chapters.... more>>

the ML in this Arc is a general who decides to get rid of the emperor and become the emperor himself *squeals* after he becomes the emperor he makes the MC the emperor, he gives her a yellow emperor's gown embroidered with dragons everything and takes her to the court for the morning sessions


It doesn't seem to have those irritating side character, well till where I've read.

Anyway it's a definitely a good read only I wish some of the Arcs could be bigger but it's still an amazing novel. <<less
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