The Lady and the Stableman


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“Walter, is taking my virtue still valid?”

Edith Lowell was sold as the fourth wife of an old Viscount.

However, the old viscount collapsed unconscious, and to top it off, she was threatened with bearing another man’s child as the Viscount’s heir.

But Edith knew. Every time she faced the stableman in front of her, reality faded away like a lie.

“Well then… undress.”

As a mere stableman, he had a more noble appearance than the Viscount himself. He looked like the first love she left behind, but even the way he spoke was different from other men.

“…Do what you want, Walter.”

As for when this matter would end, which was started for the sake of survival.

“Then, My Lady, you have given me permission.”

Even she herself was unaware of the consequences her decision would lead to.

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Gail_42 rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: c122
Y'all sleeping on this. It should at least be getting averaged from 3.8-4.2. My personal opinion is about 4.5. I like twists that are harder to figure out, BUT this novel is fantastic for people who don't want to have to analyze details to get the plot. It's a casual/comfortable reading experience, but still not lacking in drama.

Now, if you're wanting "adult", be aware that this is actually not (I hoped for spice). R-15 feels even a little strong. PG-13 maybe? Anyway.

If you're considering reading it, I would honestly recommend... more>> it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jaenp rated it
March 12, 2024
Status: Completed
A very light, easy read. Don't expect any smut, although the characters tend to act like they are going to get all spicy. Read it if you like a male lead who always teases the female lead but is also hopelessly devoted to her.

The main flaw of this book for me is that the antagonists never really seem to have the upper hand - they think they do but they're very easily outsmarted.

Least satisfying parts:... more>>

1. The worst character in the book got off super easy - he was basically dead a few chapters in but his actions were the main cause of anguish for the MCs for most of the book.

2. They really should communicate more - both leads always find out stuff and generally prefer to hide it from their partner instead of just saying it out.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
znukhsoc rated it
March 11, 2024
Status: Completed
1, 5 stars. Let me write my thoughts about the House of Schemes from the beginning...
I'll let you know that she is technically in a harem but they are not competing romanticly. The viscount collects them as dolls and not exactly to be his wifes. But the constant gr*pe threats from other men while being in that mansion was scary and creeped me out constantly. I didn't feel comfortable and didn't get how she could leisurely drink her tea and eat cakes...

I didn't quite enjoy ML's s*xual hunger either... It wasn't sweetly written so he gave off an animalistic desire. I wouldn't tolerate it if I didn't know he was "the one"... But then in the writer's head some things started to change and the characters became contradicting...

When ML feels jealous or rejected, he acts like an a**hole. He gets angry at her, throws tantrums like a child, and since he is a big guy with a sword on his belt, it comes off as imposing. He disses her, acts mean... Then suddenly soft again, then back to a delusional little b... FL too doesn't know what she wants, in the same chapter she changes opinions like a light switch.

"I should tell him that I'm pregnant, nope let's keep it a secret..."

Girl, why bother? Just tell him.

Chapters 40-60 were a mess... The author quit writing plot, and started creating more annoying misunderstandings for cheap drama... Normally a misunderstanding should feel more fun, I generally enjoy them even, but the ones they picked ugh.... touched my nerves.

I should also say that there is not one character that feels like a personality. They are all emotionless dolls that move toward where the plot was leading. I was planning to drop this novel after chapter 60 and felt like staying a little while... Well, things got pretty enjoyable until chapter 85 then got hella uninteresting again. There was too much screentime given to the antagonist. It was annoying.

After that point, I basically skim-read this with a quickness that can't be called reading.
The ending blueballed me too : (I'll admit that I lost my precious time...
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