The Kicked Out S-rank Appraiser Creates The Strongest Guild


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Appraiser Laurent was kicked out from his guild 『Golden Hawk』.

It was a result of one-sided jealousy from the guild leader, Lucius.

Feeling hurt and crushed by the sudden dismissal, a female mage named Lilianne gave him a helping hand.

Together with her, he decided to create a new guild to mess with Lucius.

Eventually, those talents that Laurent found through his appraisal skill will create the strongest guild.

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Tsuihou Sareta S-kyuu Kanteishi wa Saikyou no Guild wo Tsukuru
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11 Reviews

Apr 25, 2020
Status: --
The story is your average “I was kicked out of this super awesome group without them (or me) realizing I was the reason they were super awesome; after which I made my own superer awesomer group and the other group realized how much they s**ked without me”. With the additional girl (s) that noticed how integral the MC’s abilities were (which were obviously not combat related) and join his harem. Another review mentions how the antagonists are just s*upid and that’s kinda a result of the trope overall. No one... more>> but an idiot would kick out the most valuable team member, but they do... all the time and get burned for it. It’s not bad and personally I enjoy it because I like that trope, but it’s definitely basic and doesn’t do anything unique or change the formula at all (it just expresses it). Basically it’s an enjoyable read if you like that generic story. The writing on the other hand is between hard to follow and just below okay. It doesn’t hurt the story, but it doesn’t help it much (and it leaves a lot to be desired). I feel like it’s probably more the original author than translation (kinda feels like they went for simple got made it too simple). One thing that dies annoy me is how much the POV changes in between chapters with little warning. It makes it kinda hard to follow what’s going on and who’s saying/thinking what for a minute. That’s about my only issue with it. <<less
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Jun 18, 2020
Status: c41
There are lots of stories of under valued members been given the boot, only for the booted person to be the unknown linchpin who comes into his own and succeeds while the former companions fail and collapse.

This is not one of them.

The MC knows his value from the start, and what he is capable of, from the start, just did not feel the need to hog credit or the lime light (his skills and talents are strongest in training, and that is where he focuses, not management). His actions are... more>> more adapting to the betrayal (and it was a massive one)

He was not undervalued by his former companions, in fact there are key members who are not happy he was given the boot, and some feel is it needed by the group enough to complain about it.

The main antagonist, who booted the MC, does know his value. The booting is due to politics and hatred not alack of understanding. He used a technicality to boot the MC, because he is power hungry, and the MC is a threat to his position. Then leverages his too much power in an attempt to oppress the MC and drive him out of the city (you do not force the guild to unofficially black list someone you see as useless). The jerk has also been deliberately holding back members connected to the MC, for fear that if they started to shine it would draw attention and praise to the MC weakening his own power base.

The booting was a move to try and secure his position of power, and remove a source of competition, now that their organization has grown to the point he feels they no longer need the MC. It just backfires due to a chance encounter of the MC giving him a new route to take.

Not that there are no idiotic characters, but antagonists are more letting their pride and arrogance lead them to their doom, then just being idiots.

The worst I found was the appraiser for a competing guild that the MC starts working with. He has a high ability but lesser then the MC, and knows it. Yet complains that the MC wants to train people in tactics/skills that his info says are the wrong path to take for those individuals without asking what else the MC sees that makes him think this is the path to take (the person in question has a unique ability they do not know about, but the MC can see and help them develop, that more then makes up for the weakness that caused this appraiser to reject that path)

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Nov 23, 2021
Status: v1c17 part2
Quite good actually, I really liked this story. For once, the classic "kick out" make sense.

MC is an appraiser and a really good at that. Because he knew what is talent is, he never wants a promotion, so he gives all his credit to his friend Lucius. Lucius became the head of the guild while MC stay a simple employee. The problem was MC help many people to climb up the guild, and at some point these people could recommend him too, and that threatened Lucius job. That why He... more>> gets rid of him, the guild is strong enough even without MC anyway.

I like the fact that MC didn't have any combats skills and work outside this field. I'm tired of stories where the MC is [non combats jobs here] and because [everyone his dumb or deus ex machina] MC become OP. Like an appraiser who could copy skills or a farmer who could farm literally everything (food, wine, swords, bomb, ore, money, etc...) Here we have a non-combatant MC who do stuff related to his jobs. The story is about management of guilds, contract with chops and finding talented peoples.

Lucius was more or less a decent manager, at least at first. But the fact that he climb up was only because MC gives him his credits, make him fear MC. He knew MC talent and do everything he could to put sticks in his wheels. But at the same times, his obsession over MC make him take bad decision for his own guild.

  • Like when he wants to kill MC's guild by prevent him to obtain raw materials. He absolutely wants the new mineral dungeon. But since the captain of the adventurer is an ex-trainer of MC, he retires him all his archer and healer from his troops. Sabotaging his capacity to take the dungeon from others guilds.
Lucius is arrogant, look down in others and constantly stressed. Because all people MC's trained become ace of the guild, and he became more and more hard to keep them out of powerful post in the guild. The stress in his case is for the worst.

  • When a rival guild take a dungeon from him because they have raw materials, that Lucius's guild should have the monopoly. He decides to stop everything until he found who betray him. Turn out the rival guild just buy it from MC new guild, too small to be normally able to produce this much. He assumed no anonymous small guilds could threaten his business and stop his own production 1 month for nothing.
Lucius is known to practice some limit or illegal stuff behind the scene. He made pressure on his own artisans by example. Probably because of a superiority complex.

MC has good and bad points. He is talented as finding and training new talented peoples. But he is too generic, the story could have been much better with an MC with an actual personality.

He is too passive and s*upid in the start. If he wanted to be a trainer and not a manager, he could just refuse the promotion and keep his credits. Even if Lucius become the manager, it will be by himself and not because of MC, no grudge and since MC has already said he stays a trainer, Lucius didn't have to be threatened by him. Also, MC would have been recognized by all. But since he decides it was simpler to gives his credits to Lucius, he stays anonymous and that will put him at risk. That still a problem later since no one trust a nobody.

MC is too OP, yes he is S rank appraiser and A rank trainer, but it's all the information we have about him. And the story will ignore the fact that for trained someone, you need to have knowledge about it first. So for now I see MC trained or has trained a blacksmith, a swordsman, someone who melt metal (English isn't my first language sorry, I don't know the job T.T), a manager, miners, blacksmith specialized on silverware, an archer, a support mage and a healer. That only people I remember, but it's a LOT of different area of expertise. I find it hard to swallow that MC is that knowledgeable.

MC is dense and all the girls fall in love with him, that... sigh wasn't necessary for the story.

There is a character growth. MC was too passive at first and just goes along what happen. But at some point, after the choc of his dismissal passed, he acknowledged Lucius wasn't fair to him and decided to bring him down with his new guild.

I like the fact that some of MC problem come from his own (or friends) behaviors. He knew he can do it, his ex-trainer knew he can do it too, so they're naturally trying to impose their view of things. But others don't know MC power and doesn't want to bet on him. The peoples who opposed MC have all valid reasons to do for once. Like that another appraiser. Yes, he knows MC is better than him since he appraises him, but who will really say "Oh hello new one. So you wish to take my trainer and change their main job to the specific one I already know they suck at since I did try once, nullifying all my years of work with them ? Okay no problem, do whatever you want" Of course not, and either MC or his friend Lillianne help to pass the ointment. MC already know they have special skill who balance their default in the job, but don't bother to explain it. Lillianne just fan-girl and impose it on the name of her one true god, MC. The other appraiser isn't at fault, no one would like to be looked down and destroying years of work for reasons MC don't bother to explain.

Conclusion, I like the story, but I find it's a shame that the MC is too Gary sue. <<less
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May 02, 2021
Status: --
interesting detailed overview of an otherworld setting works in an astonishing way to make an underrated and passive MC into a bright beam of light MC who takes innitiative and controls his own fate kinda character which works like a charm:). Much appreciated
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Apr 23, 2020
Status: --
The antagonists are shallow 1 dimensional characters who only seem to exist to show how s*upid they are and be douchebags to the MC. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't ever think of kicking out the golden goose that has only ever benefitted them.

With characters this ret*rded and plot this unconvincing, tells you a lot about the story/writing.
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Jun 21, 2022
Status: --
Came here from the manga cause I was bored and wanted to get a fill of tr*sh entertainment. This story's a true child of its trope and while it offered nothing new is good enough to snack on as junk food entertainment.

Cliche story with cardboard cutout personality characters and a vaguely fantasy setting.

2.3 stars
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May 15, 2022
Status: v1c13
Remember those novels with the "Exiled from the Hero's party" or "I was kicked out of my party/guild/etc for being useless but unlocked an S-rank skill conveniently after" premises?

Yeah. This is another one of those. It's your bread and butter wuxialand recipe, but with JP ingredients stirred into the cooking pot. It's highly unlikely to go anywhere, and the plot premises revolve around MC's past acquaintances helping him faceslap the one who wronged him to begin with. It's dry, bland, and empty.

However, food is food, and while this novel can... more>> still be described as "edible", it's not exactly food you'd want to eat other than out of curiosity. Give it a try if you're craving some junk food. <<less
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Aug 17, 2021
Status: v1c15 part2
I'm enjoying the story so far but I have a really big issue with certain characters, some of them are just too s*upid and easily manipulated and it really pulls me out of the story.
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Jul 24, 2020
Status: v1c9
The story is a homeless man's "I was kicked out of the party." The dialogue is basic. The characters are one-dimensional and just plain dumb. Seriously. The antagonists are written as plain old dumb jerks one would find in a junior novel.

No threat at all.

No, really there are no higher ambitions, so far all the characters are who we see them as. No one has higher aspirations, or internal conflicts. There's nothing in their past we can gleam with subtext because it's woefully lacking.

The translations has problems here and there... more>> every chapter but it's never enough to take one out of immersion.

We have an MC who doesn't stick up for himself and is somewhat dense regarding the poor behaviour of his former colleagues. <<less
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Nov 14, 2023
Status: c42
Overall, it's a pretty decent "banished from x group" novel. If you're looking for a casual read that's enjoyable, this will float your boat better than most in this genre. The writing is by no means fantastic, but it's good enough, and the story/world is unique enough to be interesting. The characters are fairly one-dimensional, but again in the context of a casual read there isn't much of an issue with that. Typical villain-types plotting with bad schemes and whatnot along with a somewhat dense MC who is good at... more>> his one skill. Main antagonist that kicks MC out at the start is what you'd expect in a dumb antagonist. Compared to other stories in the genre MC isn't an OP fighter or somebody with an insane gimmick or cheat skill that makes him OP. He's a very skilled appraiser that is good at finding talents and guiding/training them in the right way to maximize their potential.

Some reviews complain that MC just gets too lucky in finding talents, but I'd argue it's not luck but rather his high appraisal skill managing to find the diamonds in the rough. Up to chapter 42, the number of talents he's found (around 10 or so) fit well within the typical number of people you'd expect to be above average in a bell curve given the sample size, so statistically speaking there's not really any issues.

Like I said at the start - great casual read. Rating is based on that bar, since there are a lot of novels in this genre that don't even meet that standard. <<less
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Sep 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly it’s your typical banishment novel except this somehow got a manga adaptation. As usual it starts with a moron not valuing the talent the MC possesses and throwing him away even though it never makes any sense whatsoever. The MC then gets blacklisted anywhere else because of his former guild before conveniently being rescued by the main love interest. After that he repeatedly runs into top tier talent in days due to his “luck” which is basically the equivalent of me walking out into an ally each day and... more>> finding a million dollar diamond repeatedly. Anyway the plot is average I don’t really need to explain it as you know what’s going to happen. If I had to note something it’s that although the MC can see the talent of a person he’s kinda s*upid in regards to everything else about a person. He basically puts on a pair of sunglasses the filter everything but the talent of a person he doesn’t bother looking into their history or trying to get a grasp of their personalities. Honestly if he didn’t have such an absurd talent he would be an F tier scout for talent. My next problem is that he’s also kinda s*upid there’s a particular talent who has a traumatic past and for his own selfishness he ignores her and her parents wishes and repeatedly asks to have her join his low tier guild and he thinks that’s “saving” her honestly he’s a pretty selfish and narrow minded piece of tr*sh.

World building


It’s pretty bad the author didn’t really include much detail



Well I think the revenge wasn’t bad so I gave it a 2 but the rest was average compared to other banishment novels.



Im biased the girls were hot in the manga <<less
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