“The Incompetent Wicked Prince” Seeks Survival ~ My Only Path to Survival, Having Been Reborn as the Third Prince Within the Treacherous World of a Romance-Themed Mobile Rpg, Hinges on Maintaining the Engagement With the Daughter of the Yandere Duke, a Character Even Stronger Than the Heroine


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Harold, the third prince of the kingdom of Dehavals, gazed at his reflection in the mirror and let out a sigh.

This situation was only natural. After all, Harold had the unfortunate fate of being the most disliked character in the ill-fated role of the antagonist’s sidekick in the romantic mobile RPG “Engage Hazard,” a game he had played in his previous life.

In this RPG, which played out like a romance novel, the ultimate objective was to “win over the most outstanding fiancée in the world.”

During the tutorial phase, Harold had abruptly broken his engagement with the Duke’s daughter, only to challenge the main character. He had spent the rest of the game competing for the affections of various heroines, but in the end, he had remained a woeful secondary character. And as for the heroine… ultimately, his fate was sealed – execution.

But not this time!

Determined to survive, Harold planned to leverage his knowledge from his past life to become stronger. Instead of repeating his mistake of canceling his engagement with the Duke’s daughter, the first one to do so, he resolved to avoid the impending disastrous ending by immediately stepping away from the fiancée rivalry at the start of the main game.

What’s more, in his previous life, this very Duke’s daughter had been the character he had wholeheartedly recommended.

Yet, little did Harold know that this Duke’s daughter was not just stronger than any heroine; she was also more possessive and obsessed than any of them.

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2 Reviews

Jan 15, 2024
Status: c285
It was pretty fun to read about the relationship between the MC, his fiancee, and her servant. But other than that, the story doesn't have too much going for it.

The biggest flaw of this novel are the villains/antagonists (everybody else), they're extremely one note and cartoonishly evil. In the story they're written as "smart" people, but somehow they still think of the MC as weak and incompetent because he didn't show brilliance at like the age of 8.

I find it hard to believe that competent people, wouldn't at least lightly... more>> keep tabs on somebody. You know to see that he was training with the daughter of the strongest knight family and that he easily ace-ed his tutors exams. <<less
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Nov 24, 2023
Status: --
So far its feeling pretty typical for the genre, just that the pace of the story feels a bit higher then what I would rate others at. I feel that might be interesting in itself, as a lot of these get bogged a bit in the details, of the protagonist being so god tier with pre planning, its ultimately hard to tell at the moment, but its worth giving it a shot.

The FML and ML are seemingly a lock at this point, and I like that telegraphing. I bet we're... more>> in a for a pretty wholesome aspect in that regard... the yandere elements don't feel horrible at the moment, but maybe it'll escalate in an interesting way there as well. <<less
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