The Hero Proposed to Me


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Male lead, why do you propose to the villainess and not the heroine?

Having the strongest man in the empire as father, the most beautiful woman as mother and three arrogant brothers; there were beauty, power and irreducible wealth no matter how much you use it. I came to possess the villainess who had everything in the novel, ‘Siel Valentine’.

In the original story, the heroine was the adopted sister of Siel. In the original story, Siel had an unrequited love for the prince who chose her sister. Blinded by jealousy, Siel bullied the heroine and so was executed in the hands of the male lead prince.

In the original story, jealousy along with tormenting others caused her to get beheaded by the prince. Thus, I tried to get my sister and the male lead together……

“Miss Siel, please marry me.”

Male lead, why are you proposing to me?

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남자주인공이 내게 청혼했다
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Gigz rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: c4
What a nice read. There's only four chapters right now, but I feel like this one's gonna be good.

I enjoy the MC's approach to things and the fluff going about with her sister (the heroine).

Other characters seem fleshed out immediately once introduced, and each character seems to have an impact on the story.

It won't harm you to try it out. There's nothing too condensed or too hard to follow, it's easy to follow the story around, the pacing avoids any boring parts, with a good time skip after the start... more>> to skip a few pointless years.

The site to read it on is pretty decent as well. It doesn't like Adblock, but you can deal without it. Dialogue is easy to follow as it's in full bold, and the background is clean and fresh. There are a few grammatical issues, however, like the absence of certain punctuation, but it should hardly matter if you read fast enough.

Give this a go, will ya? <<less
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