The Great Storyteller


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Yun Woo is the youngest author in history to enter the literature world. His debut work was a massive hit but this success was short lived for the unprepared.

A miraculous second chance comes his way one day.

This is the beginning of that journey.

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Widaehan Soseolga
위대한 소설가
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New Nedrey rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: Completed
No need for flowery words to say that this story is an absolute must-read. It is a story about self- discovery and self- growth. Where I am in life, that may be the reason it resonated so much with me. Although I felt that the second half wasn't as engaging as the first half, it is still a wonderful read that I spent a few sleepless nights on because I simply couldn't put it down.
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Indera Atma W.
New Indera Atma W. rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: Completed
It's been a long day since i've been searching for a good novel. And to be honest, I never expect the novel I search will exceed what i've been reading as a reviewer ever since. And boom, guess what? I stumbled on this novel, never ever I read a calm peaceful novel with such a chaotic and storm breaking writing. With deep psycology and philosopy which really hit me hard for a few month. And today the emotion from this novel overwhelm me again. Totally totally different novel from what... more>> i've readed in my journey of my life.
just read it. It's really enjoyable and don't forget the wild rollercoaster emotion writing in it. <<less
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Soneka rated it
October 11, 2018
Status: c64
There's one thing you need to understand before you start reading this story: This isn't just about the MC's success.

As you know from the synopsis the MC achieved great success with his debut work, his first book sold well and he became famous at age of 17, but from there on he was never able to write something as good. Eventually he lost everything, even to the point of becoming homeless.

Now you might be thinking "Since this is a story about second chances, then we can expect the MC to... more>> go back to the past with ways of guaranteeing his own success right? He will certainly be able to write one or more books in the first 50 chapters at least, right?

If this line of thought crossed your mind you are misunderstanding what this story is about. Like I said, it isn't sorely about success.

I'll try to not spoil things as I say this, but I think this is quite obvious from the synopsis alone (and even more so from the first chapter) : The reason the MC couldn't write more good books after his debut wasn't because he lacked talent, but because he became famous at age of 17.

After coming under the spotlight at such young age he gave up the best years of his life in order to promote his book and boost his career. So, more than being a story about writing more books, this is a story about a second chance of growing up healthily.

That was the biggest thing he lost when he became famous.

So, if you are going to start reading this story you should know this:

    • It isn't about success.
    • It isn't flashy.
    • It's personal.
    • It's a slice-of-life type of story and not a "wave your big d**k around" type of story.
Overall I think it's a great story as long as this is the genre you are looking for. I love the characters in it, they are well-fleshed, and they have a place in the story, it isn't all about the MC.

If you are looking for something more calm and relaxing, this is good enough for you to give it a try. <<less
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lumiere rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c21
It's strange but this book made me want to write.

It begins with an old man who rode on the wave off sucess of his first book written when he was a teenager, only to end up crashing very hard on the ground when he no longer could produce something as good. He then returns to the day his book became famous, and just continued his life normally, this time though, without advertising who he is.

I love how this book is chill. Bit by bit, it shows how (well I suppose)... more>> an author view the world and the people around him. And it's truly fascinating.

The characters are well developped, they are not empty (my favorite is Mr. Moon), the story is by no way boring, it keeps you excited chill and motivated.

I really hope it continues like that, I love it.

The translation is amazing too. I obviously recommend it. <<less
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Eutune rated it
September 30, 2018
Status: c72
This is a novel about a teenage writer who, after his first success, cannot write other best sellers anymore. Frustrated and after the best time of his life passed away in glory and misery, he ends his life to return alive to when his first success started, but this time he decides to not redo his mistakes and start anew.

It may seem like an ordinary second chance novel, but it is not. The writing is very fluid and extremely relatable, the characters will be analysed in depth and it can... more>> already be seen from the first chapters that we will assist to the growth of various characters and also their maturity. I thank the translator for choosing to work on this novel and the author for writing it. I hope the novel won't disappoint me and I wish everyone the best enjoyment while reading! ^_^) / <<less
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Suzaku128 rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c40
I found the novel extremely enjoyable. The characters, to me, are realistic and filled with personality and flaws.

It was really good, making me feel like I should write, too. Reading the synopsis told me it was a second-chance story and I thought it was your typical one. How wrong could I be? When I continued reading, I found myself enjoying the main character and his interaction with the side characters. The side characters were also enjoyable to read to and each one has their own problems just like the MC.... more>> The teacher is my favorite one. <<less
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MissZer0q rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: c176
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srrrahim rated it
December 16, 2018
Status: c149
-This novel is flawless
-This is literature. Not some cheap light novel where MC reincarnate to the revenge against the world and people who trample and kick him. Yes he got 2nd chance. Yes he is learning from his past mistake. But it is more than that. You will understand after reading 20 first chapter
-This novel is unique. I read so many novel, but only this novel has a MC that feels really close to me
-I`ll give 5 star just for story development and character development. That is... more>> the only thing that keep me hooked up. The way each character interact with each other, and the way they grow into you, is something that you can`t abandon even after a long hiatus. Their character still feel fresh on my head and the absent of update is making them rooted in my brain more than any other chara from other novel
-This is really good. I end up using 7 different account just to marathon reading this (You will meet 7 different SpicyChicken. And that`s me. So desperate to read it non stop
-I know this might sound boring. About an author who get a 2nd chance in life to take a slow and low profile life. So many 2nd chance concept being used but this is more original and more interesting than any other novel
This novel is my current no 1 novel that I must read every day to stay happy, so I hope all the new readers will love it too
Happy reading and have a nice day 🥂 <<less
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WinByDying rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: c36
This novel isn't flawless at all, and it's far from the only novel on the site that doesn't rely on face slapping. No, the character development is not a highlight. The enjoyment comes from two things: the secretive yet "powerful" protagonist, and badly implemented character development. It's not literature, it's cheesy. It's not print quality either. I thought it was about in the same tier as e.g. Top Management and God of Cooking, but I changed my mind. It's below those.

Now on to my actual review.

The literature teacher gave writing... more>> advice twice. In the first case, it was basic but good advice, something you would indeed learn at school. The advice on the stories of the Literature Club's members though, hilarious. Ironic, given that it's a story about a writer. I'll chalk it up to the subpar translation:


"Because you read so much, your writing skill is pretty decent. It's just that your story tends to be boring at times."

"Try focusing on the dynamics of your story. Whether the story is moving continuously or the climax persists throughout the entire story, it's going to be boring either way."

So, a story's setting and characters have potential, potential for things to happen, relationships to change, et cetera. Dynamics are the forces that drive the story through interaction with the whole setting, and change what happens in the story.

The teacher tells the student to focus on dynamics, to make the story more entertaining. That makes sense. But "Whether the story is moving continuously or the climax persists throughout the entire story, it's going to be boring either way"? What on earth does that mean? This was the worst example, but there was one other piece of advice that made me chuckle, something along the lines of "your descriptions were too long, don't get lost in your emotions".


This is a webnovel about writing, so it deserves to be grilled. So far, I've seen unnecessary repetition, the dialogue is good but uneven in quality, the author isn't able to leave things implicit/unsaid, and jarring word choices and sentence constructions in general. Both the translation and the writing are good compared to the typical NU novel, but not great. It's inconsistent: well written at times, but I've also seen parts that read almost like a parody. It really can be that bad, further on in the reviews I've put in some cringeworthy samples. For now one example of both bad translation/editing and bad writing respectively:


After listening to everyone, Mr. Moon added, "The winner gets a fried chicken from me."

The "from me" is unnecessary. Instead of ending the sentence on a powerful note, fried chicken, the translator/editor put two stupid useless little words behind it. And think about it, if said these words, you'd never end with "from me".

This example was probably translation, not the author. Though you never know. However...

Unaware of the students' heart, James spoke without hesitation. Of course, in English.

"Oh, my! There's a centipede here. I have an idea of what the situation is. This is a rather threatening presence for the adorable first years. But we must not forget the fact that we're all part of nature. A slipper is not a tool for murder. It's an object that protects your feet. Now, let your slipper serve its purpose."

What in the seven hells is this dialogue? Is that how a grown-up teacher talks? This isn't an anime; you're trying to write a presumably serious webnovel.


It tries to be all clever and intellectual with (Western) cultural references, but it's nothing special. He probably pulled it all off of Wikipedia. I doubt the author read Plato, and his comments on Hemmingway aren't very insightful or anything. Stock standard Wikipedia stuff.


For example, take chapter 26 to like 28. He meets a writer for coffee, who notes down his likes and dislikes. Our protagonist is suddenly reminded of the saying "know yourself" widely associated with Socrates (but not coined by him), and asks, "Are you into Socrates", to which the writer coolly answers "I don't dislike him". What purpose does this piece of text serve? Does it contain information useful to the scene, to the characters or story? No, nobody reads Plato's texts (Socrates didn't write) for literary purposes. Socrates is pulled in solely to impress the reader, to make our protagonist and the writer look intellectual. Because Old Greek philosophers were smart and cool. It cheapens Socrates: Socrates was much more than "know yourself". Not to mention, "I don't dislike him" is such a stupid answer. Imagine you don't know anything about Socrates, and someone asks you the same answer. Wouldn't "I don't dislike him" or "Eh, somewhat" be convenient answers to pretend to know something about Socrates?

Later in the scene, Hemingway is discussed. Most of us have at most heard of Hemingway, me included, so he has to first copy half of the Wikipedia page into the novel so we can at least follow the very superficial references to the writer's personal life. It's like making a joke and subsequently explaining it, very unnecessary.

Two lauded writers meet, one of them says "I had never been so disappointed, even when I read Across the River and into the Trees [by Hemingway]". Right after it's explained that it's one of the worst critically received Hemingway books. Instead of telling us why the character thought it was disappointing, the novel backs out and just says it's universally badly received. It's of course put there to make the guy look like a sophisticated, cultured writer. But putting in an actually interesting critique is not something the author could do?

To be fair, at the beginning of the scene the characters do talk about what they think makes Hemmingway great. But I still wasn't content. The commentary they're giving is way too superficial: personal life, some plot details, some very general characteristics of his writing. Wikipedia would be enough, and that's not a good sign.

I never read any Hemmingway, but I took five minutes to read two articles just now. I'd make my characters say things like: "Hemmingway influenced my writing a great deal. His frequent use of short sentences or phrases makes his writing pack a serious punch. Yet, every single one of those sentences contains a clear message, every paragraph a clear idea. He only sparingly uses adverbs, preferring vigorous adjectives for his descriptions. It was powerful unlike any text I'd seen before. Before, I always thought I had to write beautiful, flowery prose. Hemmingway made me see writing in a different light. I still had a long way to go back then!". See, I can write a more in-depth paragraph on Hemmingway's writing than the author of the webnovel, and I didn't know anything about Hemmingway ten minutes ago!

Also, maybe a character could've quoted his personal favorite Hemmingway paragraph, a paragraph that tells something about the character. That would've been interesting. Imagine the author quoting a relevant paragraph from different renowned writers every few chapters. I'd love it.


Come on, don't make me cringe. The author is trying so hard to make this novel seem intelligent and cultured. Why for heaven's sake did you put this in your novel:


Juho instinctively reached for a pen.

'Why does a person live?" he quietly asked himself. 'What was the meaning of living life?'

Before digging any deeper, he thought about whether he really existed. If people could no longer see or hear the person named Juho, he might be no different from being dead.


Characterization. There was potential, but characterization falls flat. Characters are either flat, or the deepening is done in a clumsy, ham-fisted way. Don't make me cringe even more than I already did, please.


The protagonist puts out one book, that's hailed and praised by everyone. He meets up with another writer, that writer being very impressed by the protagonist. He impresses his language teacher/Literature Club teacher. In the Literature club, there was one guy who wasn't there to read and write. He's not interested. But he opens up the protagonist's book and suddenly, he's engrossed in it. Can you see the trend? See, you don't need face slapping if you use another trope: the secretly powerful protagonist. He wants to stay under the radar and live a quiet (yet successful) life, but can't help but show his genius now and then, to regularly impress the reader.

It's also very unfortunate that we don't know what specifically made the protagonist's book so great. There must be something more to it than the plot. Is it the way the protagonist structured the book? Is it the growth of the main character? Is it the character interactions? Colorful, evocative word choices? Nothing mentioned except the main plot point, we just have to believe that everyone, young and old alike, adore this book of his.

The language crutch is disappointing. Very early in he's able to write very "mature" works of literature, and knows like five languages by now. Sure. But what's he going to improve upon? You're belittling your own character's progress by giving him a crutch.

The attempts of the author to show character progression are clumsy. First example: there's this girl pretending to be the author of the protagonist's book. How did this not *immediately* get out to the public? To teachers? Impossible, it's the mystery author, everyone wants to know who he is! Funnily enough, that's one of the arguments the protagonist confronts the girl with later on. As if she's stupid and couldn't think of it herself. Now because he's secretive, he lets her off at first. When he finds evidence however, he confronts her. This previously stupid girl subsequently recognizes her wrongs and comes clean right after. Look, author, don't write your plot so ham-fisted. It's not a children's novel.

Second example. he main character lives through a tragic first life after releasing the bestseller novel. Homeless, he finds himself falling into a river and wakes up as his younger self. He reflects deeply on his past twenty-five years, his slow yet consistent fall from grace: he writes it down and it takes half an hour. Voilà, that's the end of the reflection. Wait, what?!?

Third example. He meets a woman singing (just "lalalala") and playing guitar in an awful fashion in public. She does it, she says, because she wants to convey a message, yet she fails to actually sing the message. Still, she persists. Meeting that woman, about a paragraph, suddenly provides the protagonist with enlightenment. Namely, he realizes he first needs a subject to write on. It could be anything, but he had to start from a subject. What crap character development.

As so often in these sorts of rebirth novels, he wakes up is like, "JACKPOT!". Really? Then a small scene shows the protagonist's (modest) emotion, where after he writes that reflection for half an hour. That's it. Yes, that's it. It's such a disappointment that authors don't focus more on this transformation. Being reborn should be such an impactful experience. You could write multiple chapter chock full of emotion about it. About how he thinks, how his mindset gradually transforms from being so down in the gutter, to optimistically gripping the new chance with both hands.


I enjoyed some bits, which is why this wanna-be deep, pretentious but hilariously clumsy of a novel still got a 2. <<less
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Delorra rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: c174
This novel reminds me of Top Management, another favorite Korean novel, in its narrative style, even though the theme and focus of the story are completely different.

This is the first novel that manages to bring strong sense of satisfaction to readers despite not utilizing the "face slapping" device found in almost every other webnovels out there. No bad people need to be brought down for the story to stay entertaining and impactful.

As for the story, imagine a talented teenage Hollywood star who got famous too early, became arrogant, and spiraled... more>> down to their demise. Here we have a talented teenage writer who came to fame during high school, lost his head to praises and public pressure, then ended up a homeless man at 40s and falling to his death in the river, only to wake up again before his mistakes happened.

There were no bad people who pulled him into this pitfalls. So far, the greatest antagonist to the MC was himself. In this new life, he strived to correct his own shortcomings while learning how to become a great storyteller along the way.

P.S. I didn't expect to enjoy his school life/slice of life interaction with his classmates so much!

Totally recommend to anyone who wants a calmer but still entertaining novel to read. <<less
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Mors86 rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: --
I dunno wth is going on in the heads of those people who gave this story a 1-star. Like another reviewer said it's eroding my faith in humanity.

I'm ~200 chapters in and this might be the best WN I've ever read. And I have read hundreds.
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Epythymy rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: Completed
After reading the title, description and tons of positive reviews, I've expected a great read. Now, after finishing reading it and looking at the reviews again, I am appalled by the amount of fools who wants to look like some kind of chosen elite, praising this "great" piece of literature to the high heavens.

Sigh.. Yes, this novel is of a slice of life genre, but it's not a reason for it to be bland, repetitive and lack any type of character development whatsoever. Slice of life genre can be... more>> unique, fun, romantic, full of hot-blooded emotions, etc.

I've genually enjoyed it for about 60 or so chapters though. It wasn't bad from the start.

At first the novel gave off a sense of melancholy and it was understandable. Protagonist needed some time to adjust to his new reality, he was also in no hurry for anything and it was a new experience to see him taking it slow, looking for aspirations and writing his new book. After the publishing of the first book (after his reincarnation) the novel's quality slowly started to go downhill. Now I will tell you about some topics in particular.

Overall plot.

Everything mentioned in the novel, one way or another, has some relation to writing or world of literature in general. There are no events mentioned for pure enjoyment or any other particular reasons. Even if MC eats, it's done for the sake of writing more comfortably and without disatractions.


Overall MC is dull and mostly emotionless. Even if he is feeling something inside he never expresses it in any way, always keeping his poker face. So much so that the title 'I've reincarnated into the printing machine' would fit the story perfectly. He is interested in nothing but writing. The problem is that he is writing for the sake of it. He has no desires for anything. Like a machine. He is not really close to his family, friends or colleagues either, which makes the story even more dull.

Side characters.

That's the only positive side of the story, and also the sole reason why I could read it till the end. There are lots of interesting characters with their own unique quirks and kinks. But their existence is the only positive aspect, because author never gives you any detailed information related to them. The only thing we get to know is their overall character and how they are related to the literature world. There was so much more I wanted to know, like what is their family situation? Hobby? Romantic relationships? What other interests does they have? Sadly, there is nothing about that in the novel.

Also, characters see no development. They are still the same from the moment of their appearance till the end of the novel, the protagonist included.

Contradictions and ambiguous moments.

The first thing I want to mention here is the author's perverted image of a successful writer AKA our machine-like protagonist and who he strives to be. It's much easier to call this an image of the Saint. (There is a character similar to this concept being called "the literary great" by others, who is our MC's role model.) Any random mister perfect wouldn't be perfect enough near this duo.

Yet, ironically, the most successful world-class writer in the novel is an arrogant, aggressive, ex-alcoholic going by the nickname "The problem child of the industry". And it's really obvious that there is no need to be perfect to be a good writer. Good imagination and way with words would be enough. Yet our protagonist somehow failed in his past life despite being an otherworldly genius.

There were no mentions of anything from his previous life. I mean it's ok if he doesn't want to use it for his own benefits in the career or to become rich or something else among these lines, but what about his friends or other acquaintances? Nobody was ever mentioned. With whom was he friends with? Why he doesn't want to meet with them this time?

Another strange thing I've noticed is that there were no bad books in this novel. Protagonist liked every single book or its author he came across. How can this be? It's impossible to like everything. Is it really so hard to add at least some criticism? Because I was looking for it, I can tell you for sure that for the span of 400 chapters only the arrogant guy from above said something unwelcoming about some random book once, and it was something mentioned in passing.

Well, that's it. I can't remember anything else of much importance right now. But as you can see I don't really know the reason to sing praises to this novel. It's simply one-dimensional. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
May 14, 2019
Status: c182
It's fun, and I'm still working my way through it, but it's not incredibly satisfying. The main problem is that there's no sense of struggle or buildup past a certain point. Every piece the main character puts out is wonderful and well-received. He's got a rather OP language power that he honestly didn't need, and he excels at everything he puts his mind to... writing, translation, etc. Around where I am (chapter 150ish), there's really no sense of suspense for anything. If the author mentions an award, he gets it.... more>> If there's an interview with another author, they end up talking about him.

The hype surrounding the protagonist is especially underwhelming because a lot of it is due to his second chance. Like, everyone's all agog because he's just 18... No!! I, the reader, know that he is in secret a 50-year-old ojii-san! Everyone praises him for his language abilities... No!!!! He didn't even earn those! They were just showered down on him!

If the author had removed his language superpower and forced the protagonist to struggle a little more, it would have been a much more interesting read. I very much enjoyed the MC's chill, go-with-the-flow personality in the beginning. <<less
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January 14, 2019
Status: c194
I normally don't read slice of life novels. Because I find most of them boring or repetitive or a chore to read.

Anime's like Oregairu or Classroom of elite are one of my favorites but when I tried reading the the LN I found them a chore and had to read them few chapters at a time while taking rests in between them.

That is not me. I always read a large amount of chapters in one sitting. So even if it is a novel I particularly like I always wait for... more>> its chapters to pile up before reading.

Now The Great Storyteller despite being a slice of life felt very different from other slice of life I have read till now (although I haven't read that many).

I read to the latest chapter in one seating. It didn't feel repetitive, boring or a chore to read.

The Author has writing style that makes me want to read more. And the story keeps pogressing forward. The characters in the story felt very real.

And for once we get a reincarnated protagonist who is not like a child or teenager but acts his age. <<less
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oblueknighto rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: c180
It's an amazing slice of life story about writing and writers. There are elements of drama mixed into the main character's daily life that make the story so interesting to read but the real hook is the interesting characters. They feel so real and alive. They each have their own philosophies and each decide how to act and how to live. That makes the interactions so compelling to read.

The author is definitely already a great storyteller.
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timma rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Really no novel quite like this. Every chapter feels good to read. Love the MC. He's using his second chance like a genuine person would. Tiny cheat with language, but that adds more to the story rather than being a distraction.

Highly recommended.
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boredwayfarer rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: c40
Started off really really well, great setting and the idea is interesting. The style of writing is especially fresh and well done. But as the story goes on there isn't really any character development, there isn't any antagonist, rival, or struggle (yet) at all. Every writing he creates is a huge hit, with no sense of build up or struggle or lesson, and somehow people want to see his face very badly?? I mean, I love some stories, a lot, but I've never bothered how the author looks like.
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killjase rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: Completed
I was expecting something along the lines of reincarnation followed by exploitation of future knowledge with writing being slowly moved back as less and less important.

This was not the case.

It fully focuses on writing and follows our author as he tries to adapt to the new life he has been given and resume writting. It's definetely more of a slice of life and art novel. Though, strangely, it was still good enough for a epic action fantasy lover like me. That should say something about the quality of the work.

The... more>> biggests plusses are the characters (and their growth) and the work/thoughts behind authors novels. While the minuses would be the overall lack of suspense (though maybe that's just me being reincarnation genre fan, where most reincarnees go on to fight monsters).

Unexpected gem. <<less
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The-Lonely-Daoist rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: Completed
To be honest, this book exceeded my expectations so much that I read it five times. It was a relaxing experience reading this book.

So if you are ever tired of dog-blood dramas, revenge, cliché romances, etc., I highly recommend this book. While some of you might think it is too long, remove that thought out of your mind quickly because you will be missing out.

But if some readers just don't like slice-of-life, then don't bother reading.

Though there's also a bit of face slapping, it's not too much. The MC is... more>> a calm and peaceful guy (but definitely not a pushover) . I guess the most attractive aspect I found in the MC is his dedication and how uses his own strength (or books) to chase away all those negative things people say about him. <<less
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Jatta18 rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: c394
hope I've used the spoiler button correctly, first time I'm reviewing.

... more>>

This is the most endearing and memorable story I have read in a while. I love Juho and the character he interacts with, even the so-called annoying ones. There are interesting character dynamics and friendships and never-ending character development. The main character isn't the only one who gets character development, characters rise with the protagonist, which is my favourite aspect of this story. I found myself smiling ear to ear as I read. The one thing I didn't really take to was the ending though, just my personal preference rather than constructive criticism I'll admit. Wasn't a fan of the time skip. I just don't like the idea of my beloved characters suddenly aging without warning and to be honest, I disliked the sudden introduction of Crow. The ending could've ended much better especially since I found the endings to the stories Juho wrote more satisfying than the actual ending of this story. I wouldn't say the ending ruined the overall story, I'd still recommend this to someone without hesitation because it captured my imagination and intrigued me. The translation isn't written in a fancy manner either, but for some reason I couldn't stop reading as I HAD to know what would happen next and who Juho would meet. Honestly, this story has been my addiction for the past two weeks I've been reading it.

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January 11, 2020
Status: c318
Currently taking a break due to the one thing I dislike enough about this novel to MAKE me take a break.

First off, the novel itself is more like an actual novel than what's mostly on NU. I know that seems odd to say, but it's not a cultivation/face slapping novel. Yes, the MC is reborn, but in reality he really doesn't use that too much to his advantage. The only advantage he has is that while he's only a teenager (in the beginning), he has the mind of a middle... more>> aged man. That doesn't really account for how he's suddenly such an incredible writer. To be honest, it kind of makes it so the story itself doesn't make much sense. Going back in time wouldn't suddenly make someone incredible at what they do. He came out with one great novel but failed after in his original life, yet now he can pump out stories with ease? Sorry, I got distracted. There's also him being able to understand all languages, but so far, 4/5ths in to the book, besides translating a novel for someone and impressing a couple people, it hasn't been used as a tool in the novel at all. So, the whole super power thing isn't very strong like in other novels. This is more like a novel you'd pick up at a bookstore rather than one you'd read online.

That's the main point of the novel I wanted to get across for people considering reading it so far, as I haven't finished it yet. I'll update this once I do.

However, the thing that irks me enough to make me take breaks from the novel is that he can be too passive to a point. I don't mean in fights or arguments and what not. I mean that most actions he takes is because people are forcing him into it. He always acts like it's something he wouldn't do, until someone says three or four sentences to convince him, and suddenly he's doing it. I really dislike main characters like that. Stick to your ideals, man. Normal people wouldn't cave that quickly. It's like the author is pushing too much on the whole "unfazed, always calm" personality the MC has. <<less
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November 20, 2019
Status: c87
I started out this novel, thinking it would be boring time traveller who does nothing to make his life interesting. Turns out I was right.

If it was just that, I would have ignored it since it's a slice of life. The problem was the setting. Why is he in the literature club if he's not learning anything? He just seems to be hanging out with plebeians just to revise his knowledge. And where did he learn it from in the first place?... more>>

Most people will mention how high school doesn't matter, but here it's like the most important time period. Yet he's also sleeping in class and missing out on a real high school experience all to run after some self proclaimed leg strength writer.


Also the idea that reading a book can make you bawl your eyes out and worship the author seems unrealistic. I've read Moby d*ck or whale, even though it was great, it still came off pretentious, just like all novels should be.

But somehow the two novels are literally well received by every being in this universe. I'm starting to think it's all in his head. Even the negative comments were about how the book is so good it's unrealistic.


The overarching plot is literally writing and fried chicken, nothing else matters. Everything else is to facilitate these two.

The characters acts like they're in a manga or anime. Maybe that's what the author was going for. Otherwise their conversations wouldn't be so fake and unrealistic.

The fights between Sun Hwa and Seo K..... something. If you put sound effects between their dialogue, it would come out as an anime. Same goes for all those genius talks between authors. Also the fact that the only point of his mom is cook and feed him fruits, that's it


There is this genius hating segment between authors, until you realize they are literally just arguing who is more genius and what genius circles to join, it was too elitist for me and MC who clearly said he quit being a genius.

There is also the subtlety arrogant attitude of the MC. Always considering everything and everyone to be his fan the moment you read his books, always scanning humans for their emotions and circumstances like a cyborg. All for the sake of the so called inspiration. That's not how it works. Also, why is everybody obsessed over some book, even though the author is young. Toshiro in Bleach didn't have every girl screaming to bear his children, so why here?

I give this novel a 2.5 for its lack of character development, just reincarnation doesn't cut it, useless superpower and lack of attention grabbing plot.

At least I can ignore the misinformation since it's a fictional after all. <<less
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