The Genius Villain of a Traitorous Family


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The eldest son of a lord notorious for treason returns to the past.

‘A person adept at selling a country once can do it well again.’ However, in this life,

‘I will rise as the king of traitors.’

Beyond a directionless kingdom or a betraying empire,

‘Join me in this revolution.’

All for the sake of my queen.

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매국명가 간신천재
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5 Reviews

Feb 13, 2024
Status: c30
Hard to enjoy this novel because all the characters are so unlikeable. Seriously. Every single one of them. Some spoilers below but let me elaborate:


MC: His motives and growth are too inexplicable. In his previous life, he was saved by the princess of the kingdom his family betrayed. She despised him and only saved him so she can use him like a pawn. The affection she had for him is similar to the affection a pedestrian might have for a dog turd on the sidewalk. He ends up dying anyway. Yet, after his rebirth, MC treats her like she's his goddess. Ok, sure, whatever. Maybe she's his type. What's less believable is that somehow, despite the MC being a useless garbage in his first life, he's suddenly now a cunning mastermind who's well versed in politics and economics.

MC's mom: Oh boy. *Takes a deep breath*. I struggle to find the words to describe this disgusting character. My expression when I'm thinking about how to describe her is similar to the expression one might have when appraising a c*ckroach.

She is a subhuman who lacks the emotions that makes humans human. She's disloyal, irresponsible, and selfish. She cheats on her husband with the king, and then constantly prioritizes the king's wellbeing over her husband and children. When her son found out, she even tried to secretly notify the king, completely disregarding her son's safety. The king would have surely sent assassins after the boy, but she doesn't even consider it.

She has no capacity to feel guilt, familial bonds, and can't consider the consequences of her actions. Her husband, who she claims to love, is the strongest person in the Kingdom and the only one preventing the enemies from invading. Despite all that, she still cheats on him. She then plays the victim, fake-crying and pretending to be unconscious. Yeah, basically this character is disgusting, but has so much screen time for whatever reason.

MC's dad: He's a complete moron. Despite being the strongest being in the kingdom both physically and politically, with the ability to replace the king anytime he wants, he choses to yield the Kingdom to its enemy, the Empire. Obviously, no one's going to trust a turncoat, so he was executed by the Empire afterwards. His reasoning makes zero sense. If he's going to rebel, why not just take over himself? He has an invincible position in the kingdom, since his troops are the ones defending the chokepoint border. He's personally strong enough to waltz into the kingdom and chop the king's head off, and the empress supports him. Also, despite him being infatuated with his wife, he apparently neglects her in bed? This character literally makes no sense.

The king: Ah yes, the king. His kingdom's survival is completely reliant on ONE person to defend a chokepoint from a larger nation, and instead of building good relations with that person he sleeps with his wife. His IQ is about the same as the temperature of the wine he guzzles.

The princess: MC is infatuated with her and worships the floor she walks on, but she's essentially a dollar-store heroine. Very dry interactions.


Some stories are heavily carried by their cast, and reading about characters you like and root for makes everything more enjoyable. This story is the opposite. Almost every scene made me feel frustration because every single character is a potato.
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Mar 14, 2024
Status: c57
This novel was a breath of fresh air for me, and I highly recommend it. The review left by ScaredTeacup really does not do it justice and stems primarily from them not properly understanding the nuisance of the story. The characters in this story are very dysfunctional, but they are still likable characters that you'll end up cheering on.

I implore anyone reading this review to give this novel a shot and see if you enjoy it.
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Jan 13, 2024
Status: c26
Despite the father and son being despicable simps this is an enjoyable novel.

So here we have a another reincarnated protagonist sent to the past to make more of his life. It's set in a fantasy world with conquest, civil war and political scheming as the majority story beats. I enjoy the gritty spin this novel has with characters that are all just a little bit broken for believable reasons. Be it love, lust, incompetence or insanity. It not GrimDark but the messiness of imperial conquest, political and romantic intrigue and... more>> civil war shine through.

There is action but so far the protagonist is too young and weak to be involved in the major fighting (though he has killed someone already) As a result the political maneuvering takes centre stage for now. However with the plots points that have been set up it seems he will be quite strong in the future so that's something to look forward to.

The reason I'd give this novel something closer to a 3.5 rather than 4 is that the characters get on my nerves a lot. The protagonist and his father are some of the biggest simps I've ever seen. The father is so far gone that he happily sacrifice his children, his nation and his family lineage for his wife, the major inciting incident is that his wife

willingly has an adulterous affair with the king due to the fact that MC father hasn't been intimate with her for ages (assumably because he put her some sort of untouchable pedestal) resulting in him finding out snippets of it and thinking the king forced a kiss on her despite it being willing

. The MC father would happily mu*der anyone who speaks bad about her even though she very much deserves it imo.

While the MC isn't as far gone as his father all his post reincarnation ambitions revolve around getting his love interest on the throne. Even though from what we have seen pre- reincarnation she (rightfully) treated him as nothing but a useful but despicable tool she was forced to work with by circumstances.

I'd say the third character that makes this novel unbearable is the king. He is so painfully incompetent that it is a wonder he can breathe unaided. I mean:

who has an affair with the wife of the strongest person in your nation, the person who is notoriously protective over his wife, the person who's family single handedly defends your Nations key weak point again the aggressive Empire that has been trying to conquer you for centuries.

That on top of the numerous other incredibly s*upid things he has done makes it all just a bit ridiculous at times.

However it's still early days yet and there is plenty of room for character development on the MC side. For example I'm m wondering how this'll turn into a harem novel even with his single mindedness. Plus the world settings is interesting so I'd still recommend it despite my gripes. <<less
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Jan 06, 2024
Status: c28
While the title and description describe the plot of the story concisely, it misses out on the parts that I would consider most interesting. The story leads into an intelligent drama around politics, where the main character plans "treason". If you aren't into intelligent MCs who plot more than they fight, you might not like this. The story delves into the issues caused when there is a massively incompetent king and the few loyal/capable people left in the kingdom attempt to solve it while also having to deal with a... more>> strong external enemy. As of chapter 28, the author is establishing the world, the characters, and especially the personality of the MC. It's hard to fully judge how the future of this novel will go but the potential is there. Hope it stays as a harem. <<less
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Jan 07, 2024
Status: --
A political novel that centers around the MC trying to make the one he pled allegiance to, survive.

The setting of the story is a continuation of what would or could happen after the “happily ever after” of a palace love triangle shojou novel, and it’s not pretty, to say the least.
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