The Female Supporting Character Who Accompanied The Main Character Through Poverty Has Awakened


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We spent three years together in Ohio, living a simple yet respectful life. During his downhearted days, we took care of each other, supporting one another. Most of the time, it was me, a poor college student, looking after him and his children.

I’ve listened to him recount countless times the incidents where the Cheng family betrayed his kindness and integrity for personal gain… I also know all about how that wicked woman from the Cheng family toyed with his emotions but chose another partner for marriage.

He finally made it.

Ohio couldn’t hold him down. With a fresh influx of financing, he wiped away his past disgrace and resolved to take the children back to our home country. The night before returning, his dark eyes were particularly deep and affectionate. He swore, “I will organize a top-notch, luxurious wedding for you.”

My face was all smiles of contentment and reliance on him.

However, a dreadful dream surfaced in my mind. This man, who professed deep love and affection for me, would return to our home country and marry the vain Miss Cheng, whom he despised so much, in less than half a month.

Their story followed the clichéd script of reuniting after a breakup, falling in love after marriage, and the children playing matchmaker.

As for me, the insignificant supporting lady, I was just like Wang Baochuan1, accompanying him around low-end wholesale markets in the United States, buying heaps of cheap goods to save him money, a fool who hesitated to spend each dollar, converting it into Chinese yuan instead.

I could tolerate him choosing any woman for her wealth, but I never imagined he would stoop so low as to seek Cheng Shuangyi’s favor again.

How could Shen Qi do this?

He’s betraying not just me but also his impoverished, dirty past and the last shreds of conscience in a man.

That night, after packing his few belongings and discarding the rest marked by his presence, I left him with only one sentence, “Get lost, the farther the better.”

 [Small Theater]

After Shen Qi returned to the country, it was a time of revelry every night, a life of luxury and extravagance. Those who once looked down on him, who discarded him like worn-out shoes, suddenly reentered his world, seeking his forgiveness.

He thought he was the winner.

Yet, his heart felt hollow, and the image of that foolish woman often haunted his thoughts.

He never believed he truly loved her, considering it merely a complete exploitation. Yet, he couldn’t see genuine sincerity in anyone else but her.

Finally, when he heard news of her return, he went mad, ordering his two children to dress neatly and accompany him to the airport to welcome the woman who filled his eyes—

Yet, she walked past him indifferently.

As if their three years together had never existed.

[Most of the character names in this novel come from Langston Hughes’ poetry]

1: Wang Baochuan is a character from Chinese folklore and drama. She is known for her loyalty and devotion to her husband, General Xue Pinggui, in the story “The Legend of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” (also known as “The Butterfly Lovers”). In some adaptations, Wang Baochuan’s loyalty to her husband is exemplified by her waiting faithfully for him despite the passage of time and various challenges they face. The FL describes herself as similar to Wang Baochuan, suggesting that, like Wang Baochuan, she feels overlooked and undervalued in her relationship with her partner. The comparison serves to illustrate her feelings of insignificance and the imbalance in their relationship dynamic.

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