The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God


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Catriona Julie Grande, the daughter of a marquis, was the Crown Prince’s fiancee. She was executed under false charges but went back in time. All she wanted was to live her life peacefully and prevent the same tragic fate from occurring again. But one day, the Prince appears in her life again and everything begins to fall apart. She has no idea what to do!

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Enzai de Shokei sareta Koushaku Reijou wa Konse de wa mofu Kami-sama to Odayaka ni Sugoshitai
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ICe rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c3
dunno who would vote with 1 star for this...

5 is to counter the 1. I would say 4, since im strict and its not amazing/super duper great/leaves nothing to criticized.

so far after the tragic back story in the prologue and bits of past that come up its fluffy and cute. nice loving family, loyal, capable servants. chance encounter with new companion that solves an issue for her that she was worried about, no wish for revenge just avoiding the people involved.

so far it points to being a fluffy story with... more>> mofumofu and good people, possibly slice of life and some adventure or some such. <<less
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Jasnor rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c18
It's cute and fluffy, but that's it. The MC has like half the god on her side, but is unwilling to tell her parents how the prince executed them all. All because she is so nice, seriously. 3 out of 5
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Argo_ rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c73
The plot was good and was executed perfectly but when the story goes on the filler was unbearable.

To much light and fluffy for my taste but it was a good read.

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Poshghost rated it
August 8, 2021
Status: c71
I've finally read enough I feel comfortable giving my opinion on this story.

It's ok. The beginning had a lot of potential and I found the plot to be interesting especially when MC really starts getting into details about her past (it was a lot darker then I was expecting from the tone of the rest of the story) but it soon started to drag. This storys biggest faults are pacing and filler.

The pacing started out good but eventually just started to slow down to the point it feels like it's... more>> moving at a snails pace at times. Then to add on top of the pacing issue is that this story likes to just go off and completely halt the flow of the story with some kind of weird filler (things like food, just talking, or even training which should be main plot but feels like filler) and it feels like it takes forever to get back on track to the original plot. I know they say show don't tell but honestly I would like to beg the author to just jump time a bit.


Also I really don't like the weird romance MC has with Leon. This is a personal gripe I guess but she's like 10 still at this point (even though she's mentally much older) and theres just something about the author trying to set up this romance with her and a god that rubs me the wrong way


When the story is on track I enjoy it. I honestly could would have been happy rating this 2 stars but when the plot it on track and the pacing picks up I do really enjoy it as a casual read.

Translation is pretty good so no fear there as well. <<less
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FlopsyPrince rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c51
Could have been much better.

Seems like it was written by a 12 year old girl. Too many gods, unrealistic developments.

I wanted "light and fluffy" but far too much mofumofu and too little sense.
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Blackrosette rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: c17
this story is so good! Just my cup of tea!

I feel like the tragic backstory will soon come right back later on but for now everyone is nice and loving. I love it. I especially don’t like the prince, like seriously my dude? Trading your nice fiancee for someone new and not even better? Seriously somehow his braincell is just thrown out the window. He practically knew her since they were children and then this bit*h came in and wooptidoo “I’m going to believe her now” like wtf man. For... more>> a child prodigy, you’re not smart.

God I don’t know what I’m going to do if he was the ML (good thing he’s not) cuz bro, what a scumbag thing to do. When she was talking about the prince and pointing it out that she loved her my heart raced because I don’t want her to be with a scum bag! <<less
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SightnSound rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: c59
Interesting story but filler is sometimes unbearable. Seems like 3-4 chapters out of every 10 just talk about food.

Overall the main story is still enjoyable which is why I gave 3 stars.
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