The Ex-Inquisitor’s Exorcism Broadcast


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The Apostle Theo, respected by all, has died.
And then, he resurrected.
“I can tear apart ghosts.”
With the abilities from his previous life.

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전직 이단심문관의 퇴마 방송
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03/26/24 StoneScape c32
03/18/24 StoneScape c31
03/18/24 StoneScape c30
03/18/24 StoneScape c29
03/18/24 StoneScape c28
03/17/24 StoneScape c27
03/17/24 StoneScape c26
03/14/24 StoneScape c25
03/15/24 StoneScape c24
03/15/24 StoneScape c23
03/15/24 StoneScape c22
03/15/24 StoneScape c21
03/14/24 StoneScape c20
03/14/24 StoneScape c19
03/14/24 StoneScape c18
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