The Dragon and the Freckled Princess


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17-year-old high-schooler Suzu lives with her father in a country-town in Kouchi. She lost her mother when she was young and has closed her heart away from the real world. But she came to join the so-called “other reality,” a supermassive virtual space called “U” with an avatar. When Suzu became the songstress recognized all around the world with her peerless singing voice in an instant, she meets the mysterious existence, feared and called the “dragon”—

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Date Group Release
10/01/23 Moonlight Novels v1c5 part2
09/16/23 Moonlight Novels v1c5 part1
09/06/23 Moonlight Novels v1c4
09/01/23 Moonlight Novels v1c3 part2
08/27/23 Moonlight Novels v1c3 part1
08/22/23 Moonlight Novels v1c2
08/20/23 Moonlight Novels v1c1
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