The Curse of Desire


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(This is a sweet love story anthology, don’t be fooled by the first story!).

Bai Qiuyi has a curse on her body: if she does not take the antidote, her whole body will be as painful as if her bones were being scraped. And her antidote was a specific type of men’s s**en.

[—The full text is sweet, super sweet, and the sugar content exceeds the standard.] Arc 1 – My best friend slept with my boyfriend so I slept with her brother (COMPLETED)

Arc 2 – I want to sleep with the teacher.

Arc 3 – (She transmigrates into a man). I want to sleep with my gay roommate.

Arc 4 – Gold-digger widow wants to sleep with her father-in-law.

Arc 5 – (Transmigrates inside a novel). The vicious cannon fodder wants to sleep with her father-in-law.

Arc 6 – (Apocalypse.) The adopted daughter wants to sleep with her delicate and frail adopted father.


– Every story is 1v1 (monogamous).

– The female protagonist changes to different bodies, the male protagonist does not.

– The female protagonist’s morals are not right.

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4 Reviews

Jun 18, 2023
Status: c124
  • 1st Arc was completed on the 27th of August 2023. Free to read (chaps. 1-46)
  • 2nd arc was completed on the 12th of January 2023. Free to read (chaps. 47-90)
  • 3rd arc is on going (chapter 91-?)
Sup, this is translator, Bambi. This is a Quick transmigration story. The MC has a curse (as in Beauty & the Beast curse) so she needs to earn points to not feel pain.

She has been in different missions, and in the first arc, she's already an experienced tasker so she's a bit... more>> cold-blooded. The story thus, is having her falling in love with the male protagonist in the novel (it's 1v1, monogamous) but since she's a tasker her morals about not really right. You'll see.

Overall, the vibes are a bit cute and h**ny. The female protagonist really forms a bond with the male protagonist of each little world. The third arc which is BL has many kinky scenes like peeing in another person, so with time, you can tell the novel is getting more and more le*d, lol. <<less
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Jul 02, 2023
Status: c1
Sorry for the wrong grammar~

Don't click the spoiler if you don't want to be spoiled 😁

... more>>

Arc 1 is 60 Chapters. It is about two friends and the FL is married to a guy that cheats with her friend. The guy is just the substitute of FL's friend,

the guy looked like step brother of FL's friend.

The mission of FL is to divorce her husband and seduce the step bro of the FL's friend. The ending is quite good cause it is a happy ending.

Arc 2. Is 44 chapters. The ML is a teacher and the FL is a student. Her mission is simple and that is to live happily with the ML and prevent ML from self harm. The ending is good too.

Arc 3. Is 55 chapters. It is yaoi or BL as the FL is a boy in this arc and the ML is also a Boy. Her mission is to fall in love with someone who can also love him and also to get out of her mother's control as her mother is controlling his life.

Arc 4. Is 52 chapters. FL is a single mother and ML is also a single father but the ML's son is the child of his sister. Their story is quite hot. FL f*cks ML's assh*le 😑 I think because the FL experienced yaoi in Arc 3 her taste becomes somewhat different.

Arc 5 is 55 chapters and it is about FL being transmigrated in a novel where the plot is fixed. The FL has a husband that doesn't love her cuse she is just a supporting role, so the FL attack the father of the ML in the novel. Their story is kinda boring as the father always agree on what the FL wants hahahah btw the Orig ML is not a biological son of the Father.



FL and ML always love each other in every arc, its like they are in different body every time but the ML in every world is cold to every woman but is soft on the FL. ML's heart only beats for the FL

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Sep 23, 2023
Status: c1
Giving a 5 for the creative smut scenes that can be really hardcore!!! Author really wrote about a lot of kinks: for example: golden shower, FL doing the ML with a d*ldo. If you’re reading the MTL, make sure to read the titles of the chapters to avoid kinks that you don’t like lol.

Arc 3 had soooo many golden shower scenes. It was also really interesting cause the FL is a male in that story. Not crossdressing.

Basically a smut novel with some plot but the plot is pretty good too!
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May 13, 2024
Status: Completed

It's a well written smut.

What I like:

  • The characters: all MC and ml's. You can see mc's real self sprinkled into how she acts. The ml's are a bit of a doormatt but I welcome them with open arms considering how toxic most ml's are.
  • The arcs are of commun troups but are very unique.
  • Very unique smut

What I don't like:

  • a lot of golden showers
  • Balance between plot and smut is a bit off because the closing of the arc is very hastly done.
  • It's a bit expected that you know a bit about the world hopping gerne. Because the mc's background is lacking.
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