The Court Magician Gets Exiled: The Most Skilled Mage, Banished for Incompetence, Starts an Adventurer Clan with His Subordinates


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In the eastern territories of Valkus, the court magician Arnoud spends his days tirelessly hunting monsters and carrying out defense missions. However, his humble achievements go unrecognized by the Desant Kingdom, and he is ultimately exiled for failing to fulfill his duties as one of the “Seven Sages,” the strongest mages of the kingdom. Arnoud decides to start a new life as an adventurer in the neighboring country of Rimbule, accompanied by his similarly ill-fated subordinates. But it seems that Arnoud is a far more famous figure in Rimbule than he ever was in Desant… Meanwhile, the hole that Arnoud left behind begins to take its toll on the already struggling Desant Kingdom.

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宮廷魔導師、追放される ~無能だと追い出された最巧の魔導師は、部下を引き連れて冒険者クランを始めるようです~
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Phiteros rated it
April 1, 2023
Status: c12
The translator needs to at least make sure that the names are consistent. The main character has been referred to as "Arnold", " Arnaud", "Arnault", " Arnode", "Arnoed", and more. It's a similar case for all the other characters and place names. The rest of the translation is pretty decent, but the names constantly changing is really jarring and confusing.

The story itself is pretty generic so far, a typical " MC is undervalued by those in power, leaves, then everything back home falls apart". But the author really throws you... more>> in the midst of things, presenting characters, places, and events with no introduction, as if you are supposed to know them already. <<less
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Desumacher rated it
April 7, 2023
Status: c21
The story is fine, if you like the "discarded hero" genre.

The translations are done with OpenAI (a line left in one of the chapters spilled the beans) and there is probably zero editing, because names and titles change line to line with no coherence, even though from context you can mostly figure out who they're discussing.

If you're fine with the MTL and like the genre, give it a go.
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