The Classmate Who Is Adored by Everyone Smiles Teasingly Only at Me


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Chika Satomi is a beloved and beautiful girl in the class known as the ‘Angel of Peace.’

Ichinose Sōma, who is a fanatic about making sweets, asks Chika to be a taster for him after school when he makes some sweets.

Saying things like,

「I also want to try various things――」

「…Ichinose-san’s embarrassed expression is really cute…」

Sōma ends up watching over Chika, who keeps teasing him.

Though usually passive, for some reason, Chika teases Sōma with a sly smile, showing her mischievous side only to him, and as a result, Sōma’s after-school hours become filled with sweetness!?

A sweet and thrilling romantic comedy with a naughty angel woven together by confections!

Associated Names
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Aisare Tenshi
Aisare tenshina kurasumeito ga, ore ni dake itazura ni hohoemu
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Date Group Release
03/21/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part12
03/16/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part11
03/09/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part10
03/02/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part9
02/26/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part8
02/23/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part7
02/20/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part6
02/18/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part5
02/14/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part4
02/12/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part3
02/10/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part2
02/08/24 Hiraeth Translations v2c1 part1
02/06/24 Hiraeth Translations v2 prologue
02/03/24 Hiraeth Translations v2 illustration
10/22/23 Hiraeth Translations v1 ss
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Leftail rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: v1 ss
Fluffines overload, not gonna lie, its quite a sweet story, quite simple on its premise, but it delivers, and my god, its quite the palate cleanser after the big amount of romance novels that take to much to even get to the handholding.

The MC is refreshing, quite direct and honest guy, a bit dense some times, a bit to sharp on others, but hey, he makes for a compelling protagonist.

Chika on the other hand is clearly the best part of the story, ngl I love how she goes from innocent... more>> small animal to pounce on poor op, until he is blushed as a tomato, fun and quite simply, cute relation.

Personally? A solid story, has a nice setting and some good details, its a tale as old as time, but what can I say? Im a sucker for a good romance story, extra points if its extra fluffy, and with those two dorks? Even better. <<less
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rgbpk49 rated it
November 5, 2023
Status: v1 epilouge
In a relationship where both partners have good feelings for each other. But we didn't dare to tell each other. It's a feeling that whenever I read always makes me smile. Thank you for translating this novel for me to read.🙏💕
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Syrcan rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: v1
A really cute and fluffy story, but nothing more than that.

There's too much character denseness for my liking.

The best of the story is how the Female MC, who is usually doted for being cute and adorable, regularly flips her behaviour when being with the Male MC. She teases him and finds him cute when he's embarrassed.
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