The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me


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I quit the game.

But the game character remembers me.

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내가 만든 캐릭터가 나에게 집착한다
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Touch-San rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c5
I seriously don't know why this is so highly rated when the FL is actually just genuinely evil.

... more>>

The devs were greedy, terrible at their job, and lied to the consumer base about the ending, so of course they'd be universally panned, and the game abandoned. MC is just one of many who did just that. The character he created to play as, Erina, apparently had self-awareness, and once he abandoned the game (and by extension, her) she went completely batsh*t insane and mu*dered literally everyone and everything around her. Her goal was to become the new demon king and give her 'Master' a reason to return, but of course he didn't because that's not how that works. She also just straight up tortured the goddess who manages the game's system to forcibly bring MC into the world and and reset and just pretend that she isn't actually the incarnation of pure evil


This is one of those rare harem novels where I actually want the harem to get together just so they can punish Erina for all the atrocities she's committed. But of course, that isn't what's going to happen. Instead, she's going to be at the head of the harem and get everything she wants.

I don't understand why people like yanderes so much, but for all those that do, please at least recognize that Erina isn't one of them, and you SHOULD NOT like her. Or sympathize with her. She doesn't deserve that. She doesn't deserve a happy ending for her. She only deserves to burn in the pits of hell for all eternity.

TL;DR don't read this for the girl on the AI-generated cover, or at all preferably. <<less
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MarketResearchReading114 rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: c15
They get you to the premise right away, I don't understand the critic of the other person, they must have assumed the FML is the love interest. She's seemingly one sided in this, and its an interesting story.

I like it quite a lot. I'm hoping we get more of it.

The FML is not being treated like a perfect person. She's the big bad, and its not really a spoiler as its told right away. If they do get a happy ending it will hopefully be an interesting ride.

The ML is... more>> actually seemingly a good guy and not fawning over an easy score with the obsessed FML. <<less
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