The Case About The Ladies From A Noble Family Who Turned Out to Be Yanderes After I Saved Them


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Haruto Takatori, a member of the special unit of the Ground Self-Defense Force, had an accident during his training and was reincarnated into another world.

After being given a special ability to summon weapons and armour used by the special forces by a mysterious power, he saw a mother and her two daughters who were also known as the most beautiful women in the kingdom, about to be r*ped by a group of hooligans.

Fully armed, Haruto Takatori with his superior battle prowess and weapons saved the mother and daughters and their servants on the scene.

But the mother and her daughters…

… turned out to be one heck of a yandere.

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When I, a special force officer, was reincarnated, a beautiful mother and daughters were about to be raped in front of me, and when I saved them, I found that they were freaking Yandere aristocrats
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New TeddyWestside rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c14
People may say that 4 is too high a rating but if you know what you're going into then I feel that this deserves it.

This is a hentai plot. Nothing amazing or special about it. It's just some brain dead read for those wanting an OP protag with a harem and I respect it. All the characters are flat and none of them make sense. But like I said, this is just a hentai plot guised as an isekai story.
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New Delirious rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: --
Hah, Idk man. Call me jaded, or something like it, whatever. these hardcore wish-fulfillment fantasies are just... sh*t these days, authors put absolutely no effort into them and expect the novel to be good just based on the idea; not the actual content itself. Like, the MC just happens to be a soldier and just happens to get op powers based on that. Then just happens to run into the most beautiful milf in the kingdom and her two daughters, who they in turn just happen to be getting into... more>> a r*pe situation and they just happen to be man-haters (for obvious reasons) and they just happen to get over their stigma and fall madly in love with the op almost instantly.

I mean, bruh, you can write a lewd story with yandere and oyakodon situations without everything else being shit. IF the MC was also an interesting character I could let some of this slide. It's unfortunate, however, that he's boring, generic, and just cringe. <<less
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3 0 e x p
3 0 e x p rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: c7
Ok lemme enlighten you guys.

The concept is boring ... more>>

but the first chapter was bad like really bad its trying to explain how the protagonist got into the fantasy world while explaining the mc's conflict in which simultaneously explaining his op ability and after that introduces us to the harem members in a battle which is full of the same overused plot that I read from other novels in which in this case when I read it I felt that the enemies were a joke they had to "emphasized" the strength of our beloved MC in beating them in battle while simultaneously planting flags on the girls "a totally new and interesting concept" yeah its full of cliches........


Its boring af the mc's conflict is pretty bland and not explained its created not for the plot but created to explain the reason how the MC gonna be close to the harem members. Even after 3 chapters you could totally know it where this plot is going. And If this all sounds familiar its "inspired" by The case about two sisters becoming extremely obsessed with me after I saved them. And speaking of that I think the mc's conflict is pretty much the same in the other novel.

Overall it made me chuckle its funny in a bad way that I manage to forget that its bad and imma read it again. This concludes my "review" have a nice day.

An update of my review its put in spoiler since it has spoilers:

up to chap 6 this one turns into one of the worst I read in my life, the harem members are weird af the plot explained some of the harem members conflict in which both sisters and the mother had the same conflict of "men is bad" so the conflict is just Boring and uninspired both the harem members and the main character had the most basic conflict I have read in my entire life and since the first introduced harem members is a mother and her two daughters the way that the author wrote their conflict is just the most lazy thing I read, why I say its lazy? The author basically wrote a Conflict for one character and put that conflict on three characters with no personality, and am I sure the mom was a harem member? Just read the whole thing and you'll understand. In conclusion The conflict of the harem members Is just bad like really, really bad.



and how to make them more bland, make them intentionally obsessed with our main character and did I said that their conflict is men is bad? They outright forgot about it in about one chapter they didn't question the main character getting out of a closet or something, after saving them they instantly fall in love not just one but all three harem members instantly and definitely had fallen in love, my god. And the Class 5 summoner coincidence Is just fine sure why not but the plot is the worst I don't even know if there is a plot.

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pole96 rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c7
Although being a common used narrative, it's utterly refreshing thus ensuring its place among it's peers. So light fun and harem element being sober, you gotta enjoy it with a late night snake ;)
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