The Case About Two Sisters Becoming Extremely Obsessed With Me After I Saved Them


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On a certain day, I saved two sisters and their mother, who were known to be the most beautiful women in the neighborhood.

That was the beginning of everything…

Slowly, slowly, their love entered my heart, and the path I took was―

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Otokogirai na Bijin Shimai wo Namae mo Tsugezuni Tasuketara Ittaidounaru
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5 Reviews

Mar 25, 2022
Status: --
Catch up to the latest chapter and Garrrrrrr..... The title is f*cking misleading.

I was intended to enjoy the Yandere when picking up this novel (Everyone will definitely think like that from the name) but it is not Yandere Novel at all. Don't be baited by title

Just glorified ' Harem Novel ' and Heroines did not even show Yandere tendencies or probably appeared like 2 or 3 times and author forgot that he was writing Yandere Novel.

Then, why did I give 4 stars. Because it is Harem

... more>>

Heroines' mom is also Harem member and also MC's half sister or cousin or a girl from his father's side (I might be wrong because of the raw version). Currently, there are 5 girls in the Harem and MC did s*x but there are no s*x scenes and the author didn't even describe the scenes, leaving for readers' imagination.


If you want some romance and harem, it would be a great ride. <<less
41 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 28, 2022
Status: c14
Pretty decent novel to turn off your brain and enjoy. Not sure how the other reviewer was mislead by the title, since the novel is exactly what the title is; two sisters obsessed with a guy for saving them. It doesn’t have any reference to yandere, though the description of this novel is misleading (notice how there’s a distinct lack of the yandere tag).

While the heroines are pretty predictable given the simplicity of this type of genre, I was pleasantly surprised by how likable and relatable the MC is. Not... more>> only is he a pretty pleasant guy, his actions, thoughts and decisions make sense for his backstory. I like genuinely nice characters despite having a tragic backstory, and this applies here.


The MCs parents are dead since the start of the story, and you can see that somewhat in the way he talks and interacts with others. It genuinely feels like he’s struggling to find his place in life, living on with the memory of his parents but also lost without them. His loss also makes his initial decision to save the sisters a lot more understandable; he doesn’t want what happened to him to happen to others.


Not a masterpiece by all means, but it’s well made for the target audience with a well made MC. More like a 4/5, but want others to support in reading this <<less
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Jul 24, 2022
Status: c25
Eh, if you're going to read this novel, I would just recommend you to watch the hentai "Master Piece" because they're essentially the same thing but Master Piece doesn't have any yanderes/major plot.

it's pretty average, most of the casts character traits can be explained with one word and it's "kind", "yandere" and that's basically it for every noteworthy character.

the story line is nothing to interesting either, guy saves girls and then girls like him for no reason other than gratitude.

my bad, meant to rate this as 3*
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Oct 29, 2023
Status: c89
To be honest this novel surprised me, the early chapters make me thought that this is some hentai bullsh1t with a pair of obsessed yandere twins (which is partially true) but after a reading more it switched to a more a more mature and emotional plot showing more complex sides of the characters and their interactions than the initial ones, it is very pleasant and wholeheartedly to read.
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Theo d d
Theo d d
Sep 03, 2023
Status: c42
Title with story plot not same, in fact when story plot on going full family his love and obsessed, and in story to telling genre comedy romance I am not found comedy just romance, too story plot on going monotous so much plot sweet and romance around shinjo family and I am can guess heroine kanade will same too. I think enough to reading until this chapter 42, chapter half of end chapter.

Mmm...i like main character, but only one nothing and that humorous.
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