The Boss Is Not Working Overtime Today


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Document 1: Work overtime or f*ck me, choose one. Work overtime. Su Zi Qing choked. President Shen, are you serious? Work overtime. Ah… Su Zi Qing frowned, and her face fell. She took small steps towards Shen Xi Shi’s side, grabbed his trouser leg, and shook it. Want to work overtime? President Shen spoke righteously, he does not accept refusal. He loosened his tie and rolled up his shirt sleeves, revealing his strong forearms, as if he were preparing to go to work hard. Su Zi Qing pouted, sat down resignedly, flipped open the notebook’s cover, and prepared to work. But the boss in front of her suddenly propped his hands on the table. He leaned forward and looked at her and spoke seriously, word by word, “Work overtime to f*ck you”.

Document 2: President Shen, does the company have Children’s Day benefits? What benefits do you want? Wear your favourite suit to f*ck you at night? What do you think about this benefit? Not good…

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YouToon rated it
June 30, 2023
Status: c17
The synopsis for this is awful. Took me forever to want to read this because the set up described was just bad. This is actually a pretty decent read for erot*c chinese web fiction.

First few chapters are the increasingly realistic fantasies of the secretary that build the pressure until she and her boss finally have a real encounter. Its more straight forward and mature than most erot*c stories on this site. Both characters know what they want and like. The plot is thin outside of their s*x life. It all... more>> hinges on the main characters interaction. Its not the best. So far I don't think its truly 5 stars but Ive read worse that was 4. Definitely better than 3.3 rating it had. So I rated it up.


Warning: their first encounter is while she is drunk. She wasn't upset about it but sure was embarrassed.

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