The Bodyguard Starts Again as a Knight of a Prestigious Familly


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Futoshi Sajitashi was the the bodyguard of a crime syndicate. Where did he miss his footing in life?

In his youth of 17 years of age, he was involved in a rivalry and lost his life.

However, a world that he didn’t know was there when he woke up. His memory was the same, but he was in a body of another man.

Though he was surprised, Futoshi was determined to live his new life in this world.

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Youjinbou wa Kishi no Meika Kara Yarinasou
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03/18/16 Welcome to the Underdark c2
02/21/16 Welcome to the Underdark c1
02/20/16 Welcome to the Underdark c0
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