Terrestrial Savior Archetype


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On a typical Monday morning at 8 o’clock, just like any other day, the Earth spoke to all the inhabitants on its surface.

“Dear residents, I regret to inform you of some bad news. A judgment has been made by the universe that my lifespan has come to an end…. This is the end of the Earth. I apologize.”

This is a story where terrifying beings are emerging through the gates, and individuals chosen as “saviors” are trying to stop them.

Amidst the destruction where human dignity was trampled upon, the story of Park Jeong-woo, a former game company employee and a current savior embarks on a journey to save the Earth.

Associated Names
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Earth Savior Selection
jigusig guwonja jeonhyeong
The Earth's Chosen Savior
지구식 구원자 전형
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
08/09/23 translatin_Otaku c16 part1m-4
08/07/23 translatin_Otaku c15 part2
08/07/23 translatin_Otaku c15 part1
08/05/23 translatin_Otaku c14 part2
08/05/23 translatin_Otaku c14 part1
08/03/23 translatin_Otaku c13 part2
08/03/23 translatin_Otaku c13 part1
08/02/23 translatin_Otaku c12 part2
08/02/23 translatin_Otaku c12 part1
07/31/23 translatin_Otaku c11 part2
07/31/23 translatin_Otaku c11 part1
07/30/23 translatin_Otaku c10 part2
07/30/23 translatin_Otaku c10 part1
07/29/23 translatin_Otaku c9 part2
07/29/23 translatin_Otaku c9 part1
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Reader67 rated it
April 21, 2024
Status: Completed
Op MC. Very entertaining. At one point we don't even know if the MC is going to win or lose. The ending is an open one

not sure if the father will find dead MC or not hope there will be a side story or epilogue about everyone left in the sanctuary

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Salim125 rated it
April 3, 2024
Status: c23 part2
Starting point is good, was realistic with a unique sense of world ending genre. On my reading period I was soo tense every seconds unlike zombies u dont know what will happen here.

The let down is knowing our ... more>>

MC is killing his fellow humans, to get the points/essence which is needed to close the gate- basically saving earth and humans.


But what is the point, killing is killing whatever the reason. The novel is gore unlike other novel MC that right up righteously saves human lives.

We got a unique MC that we will love but soon hate as well. Its soo contradictory to say I love the novel because the MC is DIFFERENT. Aren't we all the same, humans dislike/elude/exclude a fellow human when they became different from the common people. That is what I feel about our MC. The author made him make choices we disnt think someone would, well his world is dying so he has a different opinion but as Me whose world is alive, its hard to accept his choices

[ I may be some1 who dies 1st in an apocalytic world😣]

I am still in early chaps so the development may come but.. Till then it is this.

The side character, team leader get ignored all the time😔, feeling pity for him! <<less
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