Tenkomori: The Homecoming Club Conquers Another World


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“I have a home to go back to.”

Mori Tenko is the self-proclaimed ace of the going-home club. He tries to set a new record on his usual route home from school, but gets hit by a truck when he tries to save a strange puppy.

He is picked up by a fat old man who calls himself a god, and is sent to a different world called Veriathes, where swords, magic, and skills rule the world, and where he is told to live out his life cheerfully and happily.

As soon as he arrives there, Norimi is subjected to a harsh baptism. Realizing that the world is not easy, he throws himself into battle, training himself to survive and protect his place in the world.

This is the story of a young man who later became known as the Lord of the Deep Temple and shook the world.

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Tenkomori: The Going-Home Club Conquers Another World
Tenkomori ~ Kitaku-bu, Isekai O Seiku
てんこもり ~帰宅部、異世界を征く
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New Radi rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: c156
The only thing we need is a good translator.

The story so far is great. Just like what deviru (read another reviewer) said, the first 3 volume is just a beginning of the story. The author still building the world of the novel and so far its really awesome. I'm also wondering how MC grow as a person after everything that happen to him.

Some big spoiler:

... more>>

He get stabbed by his closest friend and literally almost die and thanks to some monster (maybe, I read via mtl, so its kinda hard to know what monster it is) he healed using his beastman friend's corpse. His family also get killed by another noble and he

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New RagingDs rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: c29
The story is pretty good and rather detailed so well worth a read. My only complaint is the translation quality. It varies from great quality to tragically bad in places so much so it almost gives me whiplash. I would say about 75% is great quality, 20% is OK quality and about 5% is almost unintelligible leading to some pretty significant misconceptions as the story progresses. An editor to smooth out those issues I think would make this 5 star in my book, but as it is you get some... more>> weird random things thrown your way and descriptions that change frequently. For example there is an adventurer party that plays a rather prominent role called the "Axe of Destruction" or the "Axe of Evil" or the "Axe of Doom" or the "Blade of Evil" or half a dozen other combinations thereof as it changes every other time. The same thing happens with magic types and skills as well and it's rather headache inducing to interpret some times. Otherwise it's a very solid read. <<less
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deviru rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: v3c156
that was a twist. Dont be fooled by the first 50 boring chapters. Even if the translation is so bad you just wanted to bleach your eyes. Vol 1 and volume 2 is just mere a distraction, the real thing began in vol 4 which by the time I type this review still hasnt been released. The world development is what I would call during the 3 volumes.

Characters, dude, you wont believe just how awesome it was. They are amazing. The author done a good job in writing this. You... more>> wont realize just how deep everyone in the story when you've done reading this series. See the MC is a 'typical' modern japanese person. Being reincarnated as one to a world in medieval age as a noble without any hardship is just obviously absurd. But the author exactly did just that. He disguise or work with the entire series based off on being your typical japanese. And thus, the whole premise was hidden in the eyes of a japanese, all beautiful butterfly and when we hits a sad chapter it would be raining thunder and when it times for a lesson is just a color vibrant summer complete with your cicada background noises (or maybe a spring?). Because of it, it makes it harder for readers to make out the developments happening to the characters, after all, you only read what the MC tells you to read, what the MC tells you to know (the MC lenses, if that is even a thing). Changing perspective or viewpoint is not even a thing in the series and the author didnt even give out any hint. Or maybe im just too s*upid to notice that.

MC, you wont believe just how exhilarating his growth as a person and both noble. While typing this I dont want to give any impression that gives out too much hype as I am not a pro reviewer or something like that, but still. The MC is your typical normal japanese but not the ones other novels portrayed but based off on reality. Again, you wont notice this during the 3 volumes, but at the end of vol 3, youll realize that something was off. The world felt much more clear and explained than before, that the thing you just ride, the MC perspective doesnt quite match with those of other people around him. The MC in this series is truly the one I adore the most. And just pure applause to the author, ive been quite had. Dang that was a major rollercoaster. I wish I would have known this sooner, but then again it is what makes me enjoy it.

Cheats, dont even think about it. Because it just no different than having a blessing called 'all-rounder'. He is blessed with every attribute but the effort to gain those power is up to him. And you might think he won all battle but thats not quite true. The A rank adventurer in the world of tenkomori is not your usual goodies kind of people. To say it bluntly, they are monster. And hes not OP, he faced one in vol 2 but he just fight to buy time and escape not unscathed and thats all. There is also that guy Klaus and he couldnt even win with the difference in level being 10, more or less.

Story, 10/10. I recommend everyone to just either wait for better translation or go straight and read the raw. And I have something I must be honest about, the first 30 chapters is a struggle. Quite literally, I dozed off bunch of times, it is just that boring. But who knows, maybe someone else would find it more endearing and fun and suit to their taste than me.

btw the author releases a new volumes every 5-6 months. Its quite saddening yes, but the thing he wrote is a masterpiece! And I say that is fair. <<less
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