Takane no Hana (WN)


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Hinako Konohana is a true young lady.

Her family’s Konohana Group is a conglomerate with total assets of 300 trillion yen. She attends one of the most prestigious schools in Japan, and her talent and beauty are completely out of reach for me, an ordinary citizen.

But then, one day. I find out who she really is. On the surface, Hinako Konohana is a perfect young lady, but in reality, she is a girl with no life skills or common sense.

By chance, I end up taking care of this young lady for a while, and before I know it, she’s taken a liking to me―.

“I want this person.”

According to the words from the top ― whoop, I was kidnapped by the Konohana family and became a live-in employee. In addition, I ended up attending the same prestigious school as the young lady’s caretaker.

This is the story of a commoner who feels constrained at a prestigious school where the children of the rich and powerful attend. As the caretaker, my mission is to protect Hinako Konohana’s reputation as the “perfect young lady” until she graduates.

Associated Names
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Saijo no Osewa
Saijo no Osewa Takane no Hana-darakena Meimon-kou de, Gakuin Ichi no Ojou-sama (Seikatsu Nouryoku Kaimu) wo Kagenagara Osewa suru Koto ni Narimashita
才女のお世話 ~高嶺の花だらけな名門校で、学院一のお嬢様(生活能力皆無)を陰ながらお世話することになりました~
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goga rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: c14
it's good as a past time, some might really like it, but to me, I'm overstuffed with this type so it's just an ok read for me

tbh, the fML doesn't really click well for me, doesn't really root for her or something

their reasoning and effort in making the MCs relationship with the fML hidden doesn't really convince me that much... to me, it was just there to add some drama in the story, drama that doesn't really mean much

I also wouldn't really feel any fluff here, it's only gonna be... more>> a fluffy SOL if the difference in their standing isn't that high and the interference of the side characters is minimal (the father and the maid's threatening behavior of him not touching her)... add the behavior of fMC, yup it ain't fluffy

the reasoning of them choosing him as a caretaker and him still being a caretaker, doesn't really sit well with me


all in all he looks like he's a replaceable guy that can just be threatened into not touching someone

the threatening part was just a poor way to stop some progress and isn't really funny

cause if I'm him, I would pack my bags, but he needs money so he can't


might be better if it was in a manga form

for me, I would continue reading this

also reminded me of shomin sample

the reasoning on why he really was chosen (which is really surprising) and why he's still being there is done better tbh <<less
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Drake888 rated it
November 12, 2021
Status: c30
Another person tries to write something like 'Hayate the Combat Butler' or 'Shomin Sample'. The quality is pretty mediocre and even though a few harem candidates have been introduced the author just keeps spending more time on the main female love interest. That would still be OK if she was at least well written, but she is not. She is perfect when other people are around but lazy, spoiled, and weirdly immature when alone with the MC. That was established in the first five chapters, and he has been hired... more>> to take care of her for that reason. Unrealistic but OK, nobody is reading this for realism anyway. But after taking a moment to introduce side characters, the author jumps right back into detailing the relationship between the MC and the female lead. Turns out she acts like an infant around the MC because acting perfect is so incredibly stressful! Oh no! The MC immediately strengthens his resolve to take care of her! Whoop-de-doo.

Basically, read this if you want to fantasize about being in a weird, almost-dating relationship with a girl who is perfect around everybody else but shows her soft side to only you. But that soft side is weirdly immature and needy. Because that is all this is. And it's not particularly well written either. I get that the whole point of these stories is some kind of escapism fantasy, but if you focus entirely on the fantasy and escapism without providing any story or other characters then it just starts to drag. <<less
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Sksksksks rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c44
badly written plot in the early chapts.


2 kidnappers had the audacity to do ransom on a 300 trillion (2.3 trillion usd based on google) networth family HAHAHAHAHA. Did they expect that they'll let them go after giving the ransom?in the first place, would they even give you the ransom?are they braindead? Dont they realize the gravity of the situation? No, thats why this plot sucks.

if they realized, the moment they touched the fMC thing, they're dead. So if I we're the kidnapper (we 100% people to be exact), im gonna... more>> savour the girl first then kill it before I die. Do you think you can run? Nope you cant you imbecile.

note:the current richest man on earth has 239 BILLION usd networth which is not even a 1/8 of that fmc's family netwoth

for the non readers there, the kidnappers actually knew who they'll kidnap

chapter 44:
(this is the reason why I nit-picked the early chap)

not that serious but the MC casually intrudes illegally in the mansion of a guy worth 2.3 trillion usd openly after getting kicked from the mansion kekw. MC thinks like he doesn't know the grudge fmc's father bore to him. He (the father) can literally kill the MC inside the mansion, hes insignificant after all, and he literally has all the reason to do so but didnt cuz MC saved the fMC from that s*upid kidnapping incident but wow, like a donkey, MC actually intruded HAHAHAHAHA

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NinChoofn rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: v2c33
It's been a long time since a WN has made me giggle. I don't really care about story and such so this has been a really really enjoyable reading session.


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Chaosrune rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c39
Pretty mediocre story all around, with characters that have almost no personality, subpar plot, and nothing memorable about it tbh, I will probably forget all about this story in a few days.

Knocked down a start for the awful translation
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