Takane No Hana To Hōkago


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Amane Shiranui, a high school boy who dreams of becoming a novelist in the future was writing a novel in his classroom after school, which also happens to be his daily routine. In a classroom where no one was present, he was writing a novel in pure secrecy. Takane No Hana, named after the girl Takamine Hana, who happens to learn about this out of sheer coincidence. A dull literary boy and an unattainable flower, when two people of opposite spectrum who should never encounter each other; meet; the flow of overall destiny twists.

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An after school affair with an unattainable flower
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04/21/23 Zetro Translation c4 part2
04/21/23 Zetro Translation c4 part1
04/03/23 Zetro Translation c3 part5
04/03/23 Zetro Translation c3 part4
04/03/23 Zetro Translation c3 part3
03/17/23 Zetro Translation c3 part2
03/17/23 Zetro Translation c3 part1
02/14/23 Zetro Translation c2 part2
02/14/23 Zetro Translation c2 part1
01/20/23 Zetro Translation c1 part5
01/20/23 Zetro Translation c1 part4
01/20/23 Zetro Translation c1 part3
01/01/23 Zetro Translation c1 part2
01/01/23 Zetro Translation c1 part1
12/23/22 Zetro Translation c1 prologue part4
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Tyrells rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: Completed
It may seem like it's your typical romcom, but boy oh boy I was in for a treat. In this novel, it mainly focuses on a relationship between a introverted protagonist and an extroverted heroine. The introverted MC, doesn't enjoy much but reading and literature. On the other hand, the FML is a beautiful, popular, and talented girl. Of course, they are the complete opposite of each other, so it was likely that they won't interact with each other. However, by chance, it seems they were tied with the red string of fate. By all means, there is some disturbing tags, so it won't take you long to imagine what happens later.

I'd like to say that I enjoyed this novel more than I thought. The novel really surprised me when... more>> I read a prologue chapter

which highlights the past of a young Takamine Hana. In short, she was bullied and isolated from other students. As a way of escaping her void of loneliness, she read books. Which eventually led to her reading a story that changed her view of true love.

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