Surviving in Apocalypse with Children


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Wen Xiaoxiao woke up only to realize that she had transmigrated into a novel, becoming the mother of five children. Her role was a stumbling block for the female lead, and the vicious supporting character.

In the original book, Wen Xiaoxiao lived a miserable life, struggling to survive in the apocalyse with her five little ones.

The original book’s female lead was a white lotus who envied Wen Xiaoxiao for her beauty and pushed her in front of the zombies, leaving the five children motherless with tragic fates.

In the plot of the novel, the female lead Bai Xiaolian tried to take away Wen Xiaoxiao’s family heirloom jade pendant and accidentally activated the magical space. Then she lived happily with the male lead, enjoying a prosperous life.

Now, witness how the transmigrated Wen Xiaoxiao abuse the white lotus and survives the apocalyse with her five children. Look forward for an exciting journey ahead!

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New Kkreader rated it
February 16, 2024
Status: c39
Thank you for the translation I just think that the idea was good but the execution was not too sharp

I was expecting some action and adventure but it was too mild and then why with the tag of cultivation the FL stays weaker then ML it doesn't make sense or am I too picky 😞

I only read to here it doesn't draw me to continue expecting more
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ntww12 rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: Completed
A novice story. I believe its the author's first work and it is rough, with chaotic and messy elements.

It is supposed to be an apocalyptic story but it also has elements of cultivation. FL is also a typical Mary Sue with OP abilities that is overpowered and crazy.

ML is boring, creepy and just an overall ew guy.

Story is really quick paced with so many messy plotlines. Time goes by so quick and things happen and bam wham next messy chaotic storyline happens.

Not recommended.
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Reader coming through
Reader coming through
November 16, 2023
Status: c32
Well. I'm at the 8th chapter: the FL already has a space, is filthy rich (with villas), came 3 months before the Apocalipse (and know the future), have a hubby who's OP (not in contact yet, but expected soon) and can cultivate (so I suppose will bully the poor zombies). So where is the expected strugling? the suspense? the horror? the survival? I'm not against OP character but I feel there is a limit or a graduation in power needed.

It's not the first novel doing that so the beginning is... more>> not original (well I suppose the 5 kids are...).

I have a question: why did the FL transmigrated? Why not a simple rebirth? Is it so that when ML arrive she can accept him without any reserve? Or because she can have a happy-go-lucky personnality (after all the O. Owner lost her parents, raise 5 children alone and if she was reborn experienced death and betrayal) ? Anyway that make the FL less interesting than being with traumas and hatred.

At the 15th chapter: the children's father is back and accepted like he had never left... she had a one-night stand with him (from the future know he's a OP villain) sooo in what way does she feel it's okay to not be suspicious and distant to test his character before getting in touch with the children?

At the 32nd chapter: She can easily fight and with hubby beat a 2nd level Zombie (yes they are already here). The worst is that there are no questions asked like what is a cristal core and level 2 zombie? why does she seems prepared to the end and so good at combat?

This novel is amazing in accepting everything like it's obvious. Okay, I have 123 chapters left... this is where I stop.

My comment is that :


FL and family are too OP, no mystery or schemes here, no struggle only main characters having a familly trip in a zombie world. Also, too many children, Wen Mo and Wen Bei barely have actual personalities the other 3 are useless. The ML brought 3 friends with him, also flat and useless.

But the worst is that the FL is uninteresting, she doesn't care: doesn't care she's in another world, that she got 5 children in charge, that a man claim to be the father, that the world will be a no man-land soon. She treats it like a game: a zombie killing game, a child raising game.

And one thing I always wonder, she's so damn selfish!! She got prepared a bought like 10 years of supplies (medical, food, clothes, water, seeds,...) for an entire village and she still take from the supermarket. A can she takes is litterally the survival of others. Does she still need it?


If someone went to the end, I'm curious to see if there is a plot later on and if FL became interesting. <<less
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Ju_nee rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: c20
The review about this being chaotic is right. I do feel like the first three chapters seemed fine. Despite the outrageous amount of children (which to me feels like a case of not being able to "give up" a personality) the premise seemed okay, and the pace didn't seem too fast?? (To me). HOWEVER.

... more>>

The story was ruined by : 1, the sudden reveal of the father – As in, before the apocalypse even starts, he breaks up with his fiancée to get with the female lead whom he slept with at a hotel. Mind you, you would think he'dwait a bit to show up. No. He simply goes to her city, introduces himself, says he is the kids' dad and that's where I stopped. Furthermore, FL announces it has been a few months already????? NOWHERE did we know that.



Problem 2 : THE PACING. It ties with n°1 but still. The story goes so fast without is knowing like???? AGAIN. Months pass with no warning, just a casual mention. And the apocalypse HASN'T BEGUN. So tell me what is this story about??? Shes supposed to survive in the apocalypse by herself but the super rich and strong man is already with her, so??? Anyway.


Problem 3 : ML is CREEPY and the characters are one dimensional. This man shows up out of the blue one chapter and

Gets a picture of the FL where she is, I'm sorry, described like a CHILD. He then calls her obedient and cute?? — And mind you this man is flat.


The writing is very descriptive but also repetitive, which is typical when you're new to writing and feel like your chapter has to be a certain length (with quality being a compromise).


The children are described by personality traits (their names dont matter, in fact I'm not sure which one is which, and it's entirely possible they've been switched at some point) which further proves my point about them being 5 because AT couldn’t choose which personality to ditch. The ML has his 'heart melted' 4 times in one chapter and the FL has no personality whatsoever. All she does is buy things for the apocalypse and interact with other characters, being antagonized by some.


Again, the story doesn't give you the time to attach to the characters, which make them sound like caricatures of this cliché trope.

This is probably a novice work. Honestly by usb is full of stories I've written exactly like this one ans I would've read it, but the pacing is simply too fast and the ML too creepy for me to handle it.

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Aeryfairy rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: --
I agree with every other review. The only thing to add is that this book seems like it was written by AI. Honestly, as one reviewer said, it’s like a summary. I went back to the raws and it’s exactly like that. Flat and one dimensional, it lacks depth.
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F.A.M.H rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: c38
The intital story is good (the idea of the novel' story is good) and even that we for once had a transmigration mother who really cared about her children and not always throw them away is a very good and nice, the problem is the written style is very very very poor and bad!

When reading you would feel like you'r reading a somewhat ditailed summary about a novel and not reading a novel.

Things and matters jump from here to here, there is no connection. I somewhat get tired while trying... more>> to connect the very big gaps. And many things happens without any reasone.

When the femal lead first come to the book, she didn't even need a few secound to realise that she was transmigrate into a book! And she know the book strait away!

When the end came and they were on the road to city B, whenever they encouter zombies, whither they are a small or a big grops, only the femal lead and male lead will go down to kill them, while the other three big, militray men, the male lead' friends who came with him will stay still in the car and you'll never see them even if the two leads were tired!

While on the roud, she suddnely thought she need a driver and a cook, then she suddnely heard a crying voice, when she go there she found a family and for no reason she thought they are a good people so she took them!

Over all, this novel too s*upid and bad written! <<less
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ScribbleScripts rated it
November 9, 2023
Status: c20
3/5 Okay, but wouldn't recommend it. Readable, but not really readable if you get my drift. Story? Potential. Characters? I don't know them. Translation? Not bad. Progression and story plot holes? Girl... Try again. Personality? Size does not matter, personality is where it's at. Oh, also it's... empty in here.

This story is about a girl in the apocalypse with romance, I guess...? This really isn't a story, it's a summary of a book. It's flat, one-dimensional. You're told this person did this, this person feels this, it's empty. It's just... more>> a summary. Honestly, I would like to see more stories where the FL is in the apocalypse, but this has really made me... disappointed.

The first chapters are okay. They bring the reader up to speed, but I expected the story to start once we met the ML. Instead, it's just another summary. Oh my god, he knows this. Oh my god, he experienced this. Yeah, cool, told me everything, yet showed me nothing.


The FL is reborn into a novel where the minor antagonist has 5 children and she is given an OP power-up. She is reborn before the apocalypse and starts to pile up supplies while also activating the jade that was going to be stolen by the evil OG FL. All fine and dandy, but the characters are so bland. It might be the fault of the writing for that as we are just told she did this and that, like when we were just told she just cultivated. Oh, did I mention there's cultivating? Like, I get it you want new things and interesting plot lines, but it just came out of nowhere. The problem is that the author is like: FL started cultivating. Her children ate the cultivating pill too and started cultivating. Like com'on man, I know you could have like shown us this instead of told us this...


Overall, the characters have no personality as far as I've seen. Story, what story? You're telling me things.

I won't lie, I'll read this, but it feels like my brain is just reading. Yes, you're supposed to be reading, but you're also supposed to be thinking. Thinking, what's gonna happen? Who's that? What will happen soon? Yet, I do none of that. Cuz, everything is being spoon-fed to ya.

This story doesn't make you think. If you're looking for a story that is interesting and makes you think, then don't start this. But, if you're looking for a book that'll tell you everything and isn't really that deep by all means, continue. Yet I warn you, traveler, those who seek peace will soon crave violence. You're one of many—who have come and gone, leaving only traces of their experiences in disappointment and sore fingers—that'll walk this path of endless stories. Soon, very soon, you'll be like me. Fallen in the loop of reviews. Unsure if what you read is something you wish to remember. It is your choice to continue. Your choice to start. Your choice to end. Anyway, have fun reading. <<less
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