Surviving as a Con Artist at the Academy


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Possessing an extra? Let’s assume that’s manageable. If the body is fine, there should be a way to live quietly. Yes, if only the body were fine… “The Liar’s Curse” – you die if you don’t lie. “Damn it…” It’s a matter of life or death. Somehow, I must survive this curse! Thus begins the survival of a liar at the academy.

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ThisIsBullshit rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: c24
A novel that academy genre enthusiast might enjoy

Has a decently strong start that can immediately hook you in.


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probably because I misunderstand the premise at the very start but im disappointed that the 'The Liars Curse' does not really meet my expectations. It feels more like 'Strongest Liar System' instead of a 'Curse' as its just really "I lie=I get strong", of course there is a repercussion wherein the MC will be corrupted if he does not lie as frequently but the fact that the difficulty of reducing the corruption is easy (i.e. Insult lies that you told to your friend as a joke when bantering) and those interactions does not seem to have any significant plot drive except for a seemingly poor attempt of 'haha comedy' makes this novel kind of a let down.


Temporarily dropping it though and might comeback if I have the motivation. <<less
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