Summoned Slaughterer (LN)


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Touno Hifumi has trained in various martial arts since childhood. One morning, after his daily practice, he finds himself transported to another world. As someone who has been dissatisfied with his life in peaceful modern Japan, where he has no chance to use the skills he’s honed, he is overjoyed to learn that this is a world where monsters roam and humans fight each other. Hifumi decides to live in this new world, one where he can fully unshackle his deep desire to kill. This terrifying man, with a martial prowess that pushes the limits of humanity and a twisted sense of morality that allows him to kill without remorse, has been unleashed upon another world…

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12/20/23 Mikado Translations v1c3
12/05/23 Mikado Translations v1c2
12/03/23 Mikado Translations v1c1
12/03/23 Mikado Translations v1 prologue
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