Su Su’s Collection of Naughty Short Stories


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NP group s*x, in*est, humiliation play, light BD*M, pure smut without plot.

Explicit language and explicit content, enter at your own discretion~~

This is a collection of short stories, where the concept is to write whatever comes to mind.

Basically, each story has a different theme, and the female protagonist Su Su will have different settings in each one, the only constant being her promiscuity.

(The cover image is currently a picture from the internet, please inform Su Su to remove it if there are any copyright issues)

Appearance sequence:

1. School Beauty Story – gang-r*ped by strangers on the bus~~

2. in*est Story – f*cking the c*cks of my older brother and twin brother~~

3. Fox Demon Story – Living a depraved group cultivation life with celestial beings~~

4. Brother-in-law Story – My brother-in-laws have the most delicious c*cks~~

5. Underachiever Story – The promiscuous little underachiever of three top students~~

Other works: None

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