Starting from the Post-Apocalypse, I Am Invincible


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200 years later, in the post-apocalypse.
Lin Xinghai obtains a system, dominating the post-apocalyptic era and crushing all enemies.
He continues his journey with overwhelming victories.

Ding! You’ve gained Blood Essence + 1.
Ding! You’ve gained Genetic Enhancement +1%.
Ding! You’ve gained mastery in the Firearm Skill.

Genre: Over-powered genre (OP), System, Post-apocalypse

PS: The plot emphasizes the protagonist being “Overpowered” throughout the story. It isn’t a dark or grim tale.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/22/23 Steambun c8c8
09/21/23 Steambun c7
09/20/23 Steambun c6
09/19/23 Steambun c5
09/18/23 Steambun c4
07/29/23 Steambun c3
07/26/23 Steambun c2
07/26/23 Steambun c1
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